View from Lei Yue Mun

Rainy Hong Kong Day + Lei Yue Mun

Saturday was another on/off rainy day in Hong Kong, but we didn’t let that slow us down.

Rainy Hong Kong

As mentioned in previous posts, Hong Kong is made up of different islands. We took a taxi to Lei Yue Mun, which I knew was across the harbor since we took a tunnel there, but I wasn’t sure exactly where it was. My dad said something to me about being by an inlet, but I looked it up on Google and learned that it’s a short channel separating Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. It’s also a fishing village, which I knew since we were going there specifically for a seafood lunch.

While there you can pick out the seafood you want to eat and they will take it to the restaurant of your choosing to be cooked for you. My cousin and her family took us to the fish market stall/vendor that they regularly go to and they brought everything they picked out (from fish to shrimp to abalone etc) to the restaurant they also normally go to.

View from Lei Yue MunView from Lei Yue Mun 1Lei Yue Mun - fish marketLei Yue MunLei Yue Mun - Pork Jerky

After walking around a bit and picking out our seafood lunch, we went to eat. Photos to come in a food post!

Then, we headed back to Hong Kong Island via taxi and did a little walking around and shopping.

Hong Kong 1Hong Kong 2Hong KongWaiting for HK TramRainy Hong Kong 1

My parents stocked up on some dried goods and we stopped by a stall to order name seals/chops. The guy engraves your Chinese name in the style of your choosing, in the type of stone you want.

Hong Kong - dry goods storeHong Kong - name seals

Then, we headed back to the hotel to relax a bit before heading out for a family dinner. Going to dinner that night is the perfect example of what I have mentioned previously about not having to go outside. We had dinner at a restaurant in an area of Hong Kong called Taikoo Shing. It’s 7 stops away from my hotel via MTR (subway). That seems a little ways away, but I never had to go outside! I take the elevator down from my hotel room, and go to the shopping center, Pacific Place, that is connected to my hotel. I walk through the mall to the MTR station and take it to the Taikoo Shing stop. I take the exit out of the station that will take me to Cityplaza – another shopping center – where the restaurant is. So I never had to step out into the rain!

The dinner was nice and it was a lot more people than I was expecting. We thought it would just be a few relatives – my mom has 4 uncles who still live here – so we thought it would just be them and their wives. But they brought some of their kids and grandkids for a party of 27 people! It was unexpected, but a nice time seeing everyone and definitely a story to tell.

By the way, when this post goes live, I should be in the middle of my 15 hour flight home from Hong Kong! I leave Hong Kong Thursday morning (HK time) and arrive back in the afternoon eastern time despite having a 15 hour flight. That 12 hour time difference is crazy! It’s also my birthday so it’s going to be a loooong birthday day. But anyway, I have more Hong Kong posts to share so check back for more!

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