Waikoloa Village - Grand Staircase
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Photo Challenge: Future

My original idea for this week’s photo challenge, “Future“, was to use a picture of my seniors throwing their caps into the air at graduation last year. It would be the perfect embodiment of future because the youth, after all, are the future even if it is a little scary to think about at times! But then, I remembered that the photos I have were not taken by me because I was on stage with them. For the past three years I’ve been either reading the names for diplomas, hosting the graduation, or both. Naturally, I don’t bring my phone with me on stage so the photos are all from my friends/co-workers in the audience taking the pictures for me. I guess I could have still used the picture but I always want my photo challenge responses to be pictures I took myself.

So it was back to the drawing board. Last night, it was crunch time to figure out what I was going to do. Too late to take a picture so I had to go through my photos. I decided to use this photo I took a few years ago at the Hilton at Waikoloa Village (on the Big Island of Hawaii). The photo was from the top of the Grand Staircase.

Waikoloa Village - Grand Staircase

I love the way the sun light falls between the slots of the roof of the Grand Staircase and passes diagonally against the tall pillars. I love the way this whole pillar lined staircase perfectly frames the picturesque background of the waterfall into the water with palm trees and the ocean further in the background.

While stairs can be a symbolism for moving either forwards or backwards in time, I see this staircase framing a path to a bright and beautiful future. It’s almost like the pleasant image is inviting you to come on down the staircase and bask in the sunlight and all the beauty life has to offer. That the path will be worth it in the future. Possibly a stretch, but I think it works!

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