Swarovski Duo Evil Eye Bangle

Swarovski Duo Evil Eye Bangle

There are multiple cultures that believe in the Evil Eye. Interestingly enough, both the Evil Eye curse and the talisman to ward off the curse or misfortune are called Evil Eye. When I was in Turkey a few years ago, I saw tons of souvenirs with this talisman. In every little shop and stall in all the markets and bazaars you could find Evil Eye gifts left and right. Naturally, when I was surrounded by them for fairly low prices I didn’t buy a single one, of course. Now a few years have gone by and when I do see some little trinkets featuring the talisman pop up here and there I regret not having purchased any when I was in Turkey for a few dollars. Moving on to the other end of the spectrum, price-wise, I recently treated myself to a shopping trip to Swarovski. I really love the crystal jewelry there. After eyeing some pieces from the Miranda Kerr line, particularly this Duo Evil Eye Bangle for months, I finally got myself the bangle and a pendant from Miranda Kerr’s collection. The pendant’s for another day though, let’s talk about this bangle.

Swarovski Duo Evil Eye Bangle
Swarovski Duo Evil Eye Bangle 1
Swarovski Duo Evil Eye Bangle 3
Swarovski Duo Evil Eye Bangle 2
Swarovski Duo Evil Eye Bangle 4

This delicate, yet sturdy, bangle features rose gold plated metal, crystal pavé, and blue crystals to make up the glitzy eye and crystal drop. The bracelet is gorgeous, yet simple – not over the top. I love how dainty the eye design is and although it is covered in pavé crystals, it is not overdone or ostentatious in any way.

I love that the bangle is adjustable with its lobster claw closure, because I often see so many bangles I love but they are too big for my wrists. The only downside to this bracelet is that it is so hard to put on yourself! Other than that, this bracelet is so pretty and I’m a big fan. Who wouldn’t want to have a little bit of bling on their wrist while also warding off evil?

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