• Swarovski - Gisele Necklace
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    Tropical Multi-Hued Pendant

    Months ago I saw that Swarovski had come out with a collection of pieces that had a fun tropical look. Blue/green gems with crystals that resembled palm trees and palm leafs. All the pieces looked beautiful but I was immediately drawn to a large multi-hued pendant on a long chain called the “Gisele Necklace”. It was pricy so I didn’t buy it right away, but knew I wanted to get it sooner rather than later as collections tend to sell out quickly at Swarovski. I waited a few weeks, biding my time and saving my pennies (it was going to take a whole lot of pennies for this necklace) and…

  • Swarovski Duo Star
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    Swarovski Duo Star Pendant

    A while back I wrote about my duo evil eye bangle bracelet from Swarovski and I’m back today to talk about my current favorite piece of jewelry – the duo star pendant! The necklace features one star with clear crystal pavé and one in gold-plated metal. There are also a few blue crystals on the chain. I love it! Top: Nordstrom Rack | Shorts: SONOMA via Kohl’s | Necklace: Swarovski  I love the dual stars and the blue crystal accents on the chain. I think my favorite part though is that the star with the pavé crystals isn’t flat but instead has dimension to it and is a bit of a puffed up star…

  • Swarovski Duo Evil Eye Bangle

    Swarovski Duo Evil Eye Bangle

    There are multiple cultures that believe in the Evil Eye. Interestingly enough, both the Evil Eye curse and the talisman to ward off the curse or misfortune are called Evil Eye. When I was in Turkey a few years ago, I saw tons of souvenirs with this talisman. In every little shop and stall in all the markets and bazaars you could find Evil Eye gifts left and right. Naturally, when I was surrounded by them for fairly low prices I didn’t buy a single one, of course. Now a few years have gone by and when I do see some little trinkets featuring the talisman pop up here and there I…

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    Click Ring

    Do you ever see an item and immediately begin lusting over said item? That happened to me over the summer with the Swarovski “Click Ring”. I saw a picture of it somewhere – either an ad or on Instagram or something and I immediately wanted it. A beautiful ring that gives the illusion of a stacked ring. The middle band is covered in crystals, while the top and bottom bands have a beaded texture/structure. The ring comes in silver and rose gold and the rose gold was calling my name. To my credit, I didn’t buy it impulsively and decided to wait a bit – at least until after work…