Click Ring

Do you ever see an item and immediately begin lusting over said item? That happened to me over the summer with the Swarovski “Click Ring”. I saw a picture of it somewhere – either an ad or on Instagram or something and I immediately wanted it. A beautiful ring that gives the illusion of a stacked ring. The middle band is covered in crystals, while the top and bottom bands have a beaded texture/structure. The ring comes in silver and rose gold and the rose gold was calling my name.

To my credit, I didn’t buy it impulsively and decided to wait a bit – at least until after work started back up and I was getting paychecks again. So August concluded and school/work started back up and after a few paychecks I decided to finally treat myself to this ring! I made a trip to Swarovski at my local mall and made this ring my own.





I decided I wanted to wear it on my middle finger so when I went to the store I tried on a few different sizes to see what would fit best. I love that it is practical and won’t get in the way, but at the same time makes my hands (or hand rather) look pretty. I definitely feel a little fancier while wearing it!

I love this ring and the wait was absolutely worth it!

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