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August 2021 Favorites

The end of August already! I don’t have many favorites from this month since so much of it was about my surgery and recovering from surgery. Seriously, I have 1 food favorite, two songs, a tv show, and a tank top. That’s it.

First up, let’s talk about two songs I’ve been loving in August. I’m sure you’ve all heard Billie Eilish’s song “Happier Than Ever” that came out a few weeks ago. I love it! The other song I’ve been really liking this month is Anthem Light’s mash up of Good 4 U/Misery Business. The two songs go so well together!

It took a day for my appetite to return after my surgery and then I could only eat soft foods and things that didn’t require me to open my mouth to wide for the first few days since I had swelling and the stitches on the side of my face/by my ear were tight and sore. One day for lunch I had the roasted vegetables pizza from Trader Joe’s and it was so good! I need to get it again. And it was great that the pizza wasn’t too thick so I could eat it without having to open my mouth real wide.

During my recovery, I started rewatching Downton Abbey from the beginning. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched the whole series. I’m already up to season 5 (there are 6 seasons) and then I’ll watch the movie. I think the next movie comes out in the spring!

Lastly, I got this Camp Neverland tank top from Target and I love the color and the whole Peter Pan/never grow up vibe.

I just wore the tank top with french terry shorts for a lounging around the house look. I may or may not have worn this exact outfit for multiple days.

That’s it for my favorites for August! I’ve got another follow up with the doctor today and I’m hoping he says I can finally wash my hair like a normal person in the shower again. Fingers crossed!

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