Peach Maxi Dress + Flower Crown
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Peach Maxi Dress

Today I’m sharing my last look from my summer shoot with Lauren. I have been wanting to wear a flower crown in a photoshoot for years, but never bought or made one. Yes, I once entertained the idea of making one. I found one I liked from Etsy and then it was a matter of figuring out what I wanted to wear with it. I picked out a peach maxi dress that has a ruched bust area. I thought the flower crown and the maxi dress went perfectly together!

Dress: Vici | Flower Crown: Etsy (here) | Mirror: Target (here)

It was so hot this day that my hair was sticking to my back and I was afraid I was going to sweat through my dress. Hopefully I don’t look like I’m melting in these photos!

I love these photos and this whole look. I have to give props to Lauren who doesn’t think I’m crazy when I tell her my ideas like running through the woods in a velvet gown in the winter or wrapping myself in twinkle lights or in this case, running through fields in a flower crown.

I’ve linked to my exact crown and mirror and a few other pretty peach maxi dresses!

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