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Multicolor Stripe Maxi

I love stripes and multicolor stripes are a weakness for me. When I saw this multicolored striped maxi dress I thought it looked so perfect for summer and even for work with a cardigan. I ordered it online from Old Navy and while I waited for it to arrive I saw someone share it on their Instagram stories during a dressing room try-on and she was saying it looked horrible on her. My initial response was “oh no!” because I didn’t know if it was a total dud or if it’s just one of those pieces that it depends on your body type. Thankfully, I think it looks good on me! At least I hope so! It was long on my petite frame but since I took these photos I had my aunt hem it for me so I wore it to work on Friday without it dragging on the floor.

Dress: Old Navy (here) | Necklaces: Kendra Scott (here)

I love how the colors in the stripes are kind of faded. Makes for a nice end-of summer look. Also, I think this dress will look great with a denim jacket in the fall! I wore my peridot necklaces layered again, which I talked about in yesterday’s post, which was a nice touch to this look.

At the time that I’m writing this the maxi dress is on sale for 30% off so if you’re interested now is a good time to check it out!

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