Glitter Pumpkins

I can’t believe that Halloween is just 2 days away. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that we’re pretty much at the end of October already. I haven’t written any Halloween related posts yet this season, but that’s about to change!

This year I decided I wanted to try decorating my pumpkins with glitter. Confession: I am the worst pumpkin carver ever. Seriously. I always find it so hard and then my arms get tired and it’s just not a pretty sight. Maybe I’m using the wrong kind of knives to carve pumpkins, but anyway, I decided to decorate with glitter this year!



I got one little baby pumpkin that has a spider web design on it and one larger pumpkin. I bought all-purpose glue, and an assortment of glitter colors – the only glitter colors I could find at the store. I also used popsicle sticks to help spread the glue a bit on the pumpkins. Not that I needed an excuse to eat some ice cream bars to help out this craft cause!

Now, I had decided beforehand that I didn’t want to completely cover the pumpkins with glitter. Plus, I clearly did not have enough glitter to do that.

For the large pumpkin, I decided I wanted to just cover the top, around the stem, with glitter.





For the little baby pumpkin, I decided I would spread some glue all over and roll it in glitter. Nothing too heavy because I didn’t want to cover up the spiderweb, so basically just a little sprinkling of glitter all over.



Let the rolling begin!



The pumpkins turned out pretty well. I like the sprinkling of glitter all over the little baby pumpkin, but I love the more concentrated glitter party around the stem of the large pumpkin!


I mean just look how pretty that is!!

I thought about making a glitter face on the large pumpkin, but I didn’t think of it until I had put away all my glue and glitter and didn’t feel like taking everything back out and going back outside. I think it would be really cute, but it could be really hard to keep the glitter in place as the glue dries since the pumpkins are round surfaces. Perhaps something to try out next year!

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