Glitter Pine Cones

Glitter Pine Cones

When browsing Pinterest for some fun winter DIY decor ideas I saw glitter pine cones. I had plans to buy fake pine cones from the craft store, but when I was visiting my aunt at her little weekend place upstate (New York) she had a whole basket full of pine cones from her yard. I took a dozen or so home and stored them until I had the time to do my little holiday craft.

For this easy holiday/winter craft, all I needed was glitter, spray adhesive, burlap, and a wire basket. I took some cardboard outside and did my spraying and glittering out there. It was my first time using spray adhesive and let me tell you – it is so sticky!

The whole process was really easy. I did one pine cone at a time. I sprayed one side at a time and sprinkled multicolored and white glitter on it. Then, I would rotate the pine cone to continue the process. Like, I said the glue is really sticky (so sticky that all the excess glitter that was on the cardboard was stuck on!) so I waited a few minutes to transfer the pine cones into the wire basket I got at Hobby Lobby. I had left-over burlap so I cut out enough to cover the bottom of the basket and I laid the pine cones in the basket.

Pine Cones
Glitter + Burlap
Burlap + Wire Basket
Glitter + Pine Cones
Glitter + Pine Cones 1
Glitter Pine Cones
Glitter Pine Cones 1
Glitter Pine Cones 3
Glitter Pine Cones 4
Glitter Pine Cones 5
Glitter Pine Cones 6
Glitter Pine Cones 7
Glitter Pine Cones 8

I love how this craft turned out! It didn’t take me long to do – maybe 15-20 minutes in total and now I have pretty, glittery pine cones!

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