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Tropical Multi-Hued Pendant

Months ago I saw that Swarovski had come out with a collection of pieces that had a fun tropical look. Blue/green gems with crystals that resembled palm trees and palm leafs. All the pieces looked beautiful but I was immediately drawn to a large multi-hued pendant on a long chain called the “Gisele Necklace”. It was pricy so I didn’t buy it right away, but knew I wanted to get it sooner rather than later as collections tend to sell out quickly at Swarovski. I waited a few weeks, biding my time and saving my pennies (it was going to take a whole lot of pennies for this necklace) and when I checked the website it was out of stock! The panic set in, of course, so I added my name to the list to be notified when it came back in stock. As soon as it was back in stock I placed my order lest I should find myself in the situation again and it be sold out for good.

I’m so happy I did eventually get the necklace. It’s even more beautiful in person than it is in photos.

Swarovski - Gisele Necklace
Swarovski - Gisele Necklace 1
Swarovski - Gisele Necklace 2
Layered Short Sleeve + Gisele Necklace 3
Layered Short Sleeve + Gisele Necklace 8
Layered Short Sleeve + Gisele Necklace 7
Layered Short Sleeve + Gisele Necklace 4
Layered Short Sleeve + Gisele Necklace 5
Layered Short Sleeve + Gisele Necklace 6
Layered Short Sleeve + Gisele Necklace 1
Layered Short Sleeve + Gisele Necklace 2
Layered Short Sleeve + Gisele Necklace
Top: LOFT | Necklace: Swarovski | Pants: Gap | Shoes: DSW

I paired this statement pendant with a off-white layered short sleeve top from the Lou & Grey collection at LOFT and black pants so that the colors in this pendant could really take center stage. The necklace has some weight to it and the pendant is fixed on the chain so there’s no worrying about it sliding around and having to readjust to make sure the clasp is still in the back. There are also a few different hooks so you can adjust the length of the chain. I’m hoping I don’t break the chain since I have a bad habit of playing with my necklaces by pulling on them. Luckily as I just mentioned, the pendant is fixed on the chain or else I’d definitely be pulling on the pendant and sliding it back and forth.

I’m looking forward to styling this piece year-round with dresses in the summer and sweaters in the fall/winter!

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  • Karin

    Did any crystals fall out or if the rhodium discolored? I am interested in buying but the pointiage mini crystals look flimsy. Pls reply to my email. I am going to swarovski to more to buy the Gisele necklace. Look around the web. Only you write about this. I hope you read this.

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