Apple Print + Lace
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Apple Print + Lace

With 4 school days left to work it’s only fitting that I share this peasant top today featuring lace, bell sleeves, and apple print. I wonder how the whole apple for a teacher thing got started. Anyone know? I actually did get an apple from a student once a few years ago. My student said he always wanted to give a teacher an apple and wanted to do it before he graduated (he was a senior).

This top was part of the LC Lauren Conrad – Snow White Collection. Obviously, I wasn’t going to buy anything that looked too Disney-ish or Snow White-y to wear to work, but this top with leaf and apple print is really pretty and unless you already knew it was part of the collection or someone told you, you’d never know.

Apple Print + Lace
Apple Print + Lace 1
Apple Print + Lace 2
Apple Print + Lace 3
Apple Print + Lace 4
Apple Print + Lace 5
Apple Print + Lace 6
Apple Print + Lace 7
Apple Print + Lace 8
Apple Print + Lace 9

Top: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s

The lace top and trim is so pretty and gives the whole look a more elegant look. Originally I was going to wear a black tank top underneath this sheer top but at the last minute chose a light green one instead which ended up being perfect as it paired perfectly with the leaf design and gave a bit of contrast underneath the sheer black. What’s really cool about the design of this top is that the front is double layered, as you can see in one of the photos above. Why is that cool considering it’s still sheer? It’s cool because the under layer has the apple and leaf print as well and the print doesn’t line up with the print on the top layer so when they’re put together you get a mixture of brighter, bolder prints and lighter, more subtle print from the layer underneath. The layers really work together to create a very pretty blouse.

I hope you like this look as much as I do!

Enjoy the rest of your day! I’ll be teaching/continuing to pack up boxes in my classroom (more boxes than usual because we are moving buildings). I’ve already got some battle scars from packing i.e. cuts on my legs and hands from cardboard boxes. Good thing I’ve got students who enjoy packing and cleaning for me 🙂

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