Italian Chicken – 2 Ways

I’ve got 3 days of work left to the school year and the stress levels are high with trying to get everything done and packed up. Tonight is graduation for the seniors and with that comes more anxiety as I’m set to host once again this year. Once I’m there and get started with the show I’m usually fine but just the thought of it (mainly speaking into the microphone) always makes me nervous! I’ll be sharing my graduation outfit on here next week!

In the meantime, I’ve got a quick food post for you today. Making chicken by marinating it in Italian dressing is nothing new at all. Many people do this. However, I am not one of those people. I’ve had chicken made with Italian dressing maybe enough times to count on one hand. So I wanted to make it one day but decided to make it two different ways. I marinated all of the chicken strips in a ziplock bag of Italian dressing. With half the batch I placed the chicken directly from the marinade onto a baking sheet. The other half, coated in breadcrumbs and then transferred to another baking sheet. I baked both and that was it!

Italian Dressing Marinade
Italian Chicken - Pre Baking
Italian Chicken & Breadcrumbs - Pre Baking
Italian Chicken - Oven
Italian Chicken
Italian Chicken with Breadcrumbs
Italian Chicken - 2 Ways
Italian Chicken - 2 Ways 1

Both were good, but the non-breaded chicken was a bit tastier in my opinion. Though, I’ll be honest, neither are particularly good looking! The one with the breadcrumbs kind of fell apart a bit and the other was just super pale – though cooked! Despite the fact that the chicken doesn’t look amazing, it was tasty!

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