• Thai Peanut Sauce Chicken


    Chicken with Thai Peanut Sauce

    I love peanut sauce, do you? Luckily, I’m not allergic to nuts, because I love all the peanut components to Thai food. Today, I’m sharing an easy chicken recipe with a thai peanut sauce. The original recipe has the chicken on skewers, but I didn’t put mine on skewers. The original recipe also has the sauce as a dipping sauce and I drizzled the sauce on top of my chicken just to keep things easier especially since I wasn’t skewering them. Other than the skewers, the only other thing I changed from the original recipe is that I used ground ginger instead of fresh because when I was making this…

  • Chicken Stuffing Bake


    Chicken Stuffing Bake

    Happy Saturday! I’m back with another recipe post and I have to preface this by saying this chicken stuffing bake is not the prettiest, but it does taste good! I found this recipe through Pinterest and I followed the recipe except I halved it. Even after halving the recipe, the dish came out more liquid-y/runny than the photos of the original recipe. I read a few comments that said it came out runny, but those people had used homemade cream of chicken soup and I used canned so I thought I’d be okay. Nope. It was still runny when I made it so it’s not the prettiest dish, but as…

  • Slow Cooker Cheesy Salsa Chicken


    Slow Cooker Cheesy Salsa Chicken

    I love slow cooker recipes, but they can be hit or miss. But when they’re good, they’re good. This Cheesy Salsa Chicken is an example of a really good one. It was a Pinterest find a few years ago and I’ve made it multiple times so trust me when I saw it is extremely easy and extremely delicious! The pin is still on Pinterest, but the recipe seems to be gone from the website so I can’t link to it, unfortunately. However, I know the steps for the recipe and the ingredients are still on Pinterest so I can still share all the details with you. For this recipe you’ll need:…

  • One-Pot Paprika Chicken


    One-Pot Paprika Chicken

    This is going to be a super short post, in terms of actual writing, today because I can’t find the recipe I used for this One-Pot Paprika Chicken! I didn’t save the website like I usually do and I can’t find it on my Pinterest board. I also didn’t have time to go searching for it, but I didn’t want my photos of this delicious meal to go to waste. So my food post today will just have to be photos for you to follow along. It’s annoying that I can’t find the exact recipe, but you can tell I coated the chicken in paprika and I’m sure other spices…

  • The Elevated Cook - Chicken Hook


    Chicken Hook

    At my new townhouse I’m spending a lot of time cooking, but one thing I haven’t made – nor do I plan to – is a whole chicken. Although roast chicken is one of my favorite foods, there’s just no way I could eat a whole chicken so I would never make one for myself. But, like I said roast chicken is one of my favorites, and so when The Elevated Cook sent me their Chicken Hook I knew I had to bring it over to my parents’ house so that we could enjoy some chicken together. The Chicken hook is made of top-grade stainless steel and due to it’s suspension…

  • Bruschetta Chicken


    Bruschetta Chicken

    I love bruschetta and I love when Italian restaurants give bruschetta out along with the bread basket. So good! As much as I love classic bruschetta, bruschetta chicken is delicious too. Coincidentally, I had been looking at this bruschetta chicken recipe (here) when I was sent two generous sized wedges of parmigiano reggiano and this recipe calls for freshly shaved parmigiano reggiano. I followed the above recipe as its written. I made my own balsamic glaze using the directions in the recipe and the chicken turned out so good! Click on the link above for the exact recipe and scroll through my photos below for the step-by-step process! First, I…

  • Chicken Cacciatore


    Tiny House Cooking Cookbook:Chicken Cacciatore

    Have you seen those tiny houses that are becoming increasingly popular? HGTV has series on tiny houses too. I think they look really cool and cute, but I could never live in one. I am not a minimalist at all and could never survive in one! A few weeks ago I was gifted a copy of the Tiny House Cooking cookbook. You don’t have to live in a tiny house to use these recipes obviously, but they’re so great because all the recipes use as few cooking utensils and vessels as possible. I believe all the recipes are for 2 people as well so it’s great for if you’re cooking for…

  • Food

    Italian Chicken – 2 Ways

    I’ve got 3 days of work left to the school year and the stress levels are high with trying to get everything done and packed up. Tonight is graduation for the seniors and with that comes more anxiety as I’m set to host once again this year. Once I’m there and get started with the show I’m usually fine but just the thought of it (mainly speaking into the microphone) always makes me nervous! I’ll be sharing my graduation outfit on here next week! In the meantime, I’ve got a quick food post for you today. Making chicken by marinating it in Italian dressing is nothing new at all. Many…

  • 1-Pot Chicken & Potatoes


    1-Pot Chicken, Olives, & Potatoes

    I really enjoy 1-pot meals because it’s so convenient to create a whole meal using 1 main pot. This 1-Pot Chicken with Olives & Potatoes is a recipe from the Cooking Channel by Tia Mowry. I followed the recipe with no adjustments so I’ll just be posting pictures and not the whole recipe so if you want to check out the recipe then click here! Chicken, olives, and potatoes + yummy spices? You can’t go wrong! Let me know if you try this!  

  • dorito-chicken-tenders


    Dorito Chicken Tenders

    I love to share food/recipes for things I’ve been making for a long time as well as things that are first times for me. Usually I post things that turned out well or at least well enough for a first time. Today I’m sharing Dorito Chicken Tenders which I found multiple posts for on Pinterest. Unfortunately, this was one of those recipes that I’m not sure I’ll make again. It’s not that it tasted bad – it was completely edible and I did eat it. But it didn’t wow me although perhaps if I make it again I would jazz it up some more. In any case, I thought about skipping…