One-Pot Paprika Chicken

One-Pot Paprika Chicken

This is going to be a super short post, in terms of actual writing, today because I can’t find the recipe I used for this One-Pot Paprika Chicken! I didn’t save the website like I usually do and I can’t find it on my Pinterest board. I also didn’t have time to go searching for it, but I didn’t want my photos of this delicious meal to go to waste. So my food post today will just have to be photos for you to follow along.

One-Pot Paprika ChickenOne-Pot Paprika Chicken 1One-Pot Paprika Chicken 2One-Pot Paprika Chicken 3One-Pot Paprika Chicken 4One-Pot Paprika Chicken 5One-Pot Paprika Chicken 6One-Pot Paprika Chicken 7One-Pot Paprika Chicken 8One-Pot Paprika Chicken 9One-Pot Paprika Chicken 10One-Pot Paprika Chicken 11One-Pot Paprika Chicken 12One-Pot Paprika Chicken 13One-Pot Paprika Chicken 14

It’s annoying that I can’t find the exact recipe, but you can tell I coated the chicken in paprika and I’m sure other spices and cooked it in a dutch oven with potatoes, mushrooms, onions, and carrots. I made it a while ago so I don’t remember off hand. I served it over egg noodles with a side of string beans. I do plan to make this again so I guess I’ll have to search for the recipe or at least something pretty similar!

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