Blue & White Anchor Nail Art

Blue & White Anchor Nails

It’s been pretty hot this week. Like disgustingly hot. But luckily the heat wave is starting to ease up. With the summer weather, I wanted to do something summer-y with my nails that was a little different instead of the normal bright colors. I decided to try my hand at drawing an anchor on my ring fingers. One came out pretty good (but off center) and other came out a bit wonky, but as all of you know that have been following me for a while – nail expert I am not.

Nail Polish
Blue & White Anchor Nails - Polish
Blue & White Anchor Nail Art
Blue & White Anchor Nail Art 1
Blue & White Anchor Nail Art 2
Blue & White Anchor Nail Art 3

I used Essie polishes in “Mint Candy Apple” and “Midnight Cami” and a white Sally Hansen nail pen. I actually Googled how to draw an anchor on nails and saw a really simple step-by-step graphic which I followed. The anchor I’m showing you is on my left hand and came out really good in my opinion, but like mentioned above it’s off-center. Not too big of a deal to me. I’m not showing you my right hand because it looks really sloppy! Just remember I’m not left handed so when I try to do nail art left handed things are quite shaky. Overall, I’m happy with the nail look and these Essie polishes are top notch. I painted my nails 4 days ago and no chips so far! Though I probably just jinxed myself and will chip them all today.

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