• Navy Blue Ruffle Portofino Shirt
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    Navy Blue Ruffle Portofino Shirt

    Yesterday I was in a funk most of the day and I’m hoping today is better, but it’s supposed to be stormy so I’m not sure the weather will help my mood! Here’s hoping. Anyway, I bought this blouse back when I didn’t know I wouldn’t actually be going in to work anytime soon. If you’re an Express shopper then chances are you have either bought or you at least know of their infamous Portofino blouses. They have been around for years in different variations. I have or have had the Portofino shirts in prints, ones with front pockets, etc. When I saw this one with the ruffle neckline and covered…

  • Leaves of Gold Shimmer Blouse
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    Leaves of Gold Shimmer Blouse

    Did anyone else’s Monday seem very slow and long? It was definitely a Monday. Green and gold is perfect any time of year but especially for fall and in to the holiday season. And I guess it works for St. Patrick’s Day too so maybe it’s just good all year round! I love the front ties to this blouse and leaving them undone. The elastics at the wrist make the sleeves bell out at the wrist which is such a pretty detail. The gold foil leaves give some shimmer and I love shimmer. I finished off the look with jeans, rose gold foil mules, and a simple bracelet stack –…

  • Purple Print Blouse
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    Purple Print Blouse

    Happy Friday! Guys, I am pretty pleased with this outfit because I successfully front-tucked this blouse! I am the worst at front-tucking. It never looks right on me. Like ever. But this time it actually worked out and I love the way it looks! I got this purple print blouse for Christmas. I wouldn’t say it’s floral but it’s some sort of all-over print. They look a little bit like fans, maybe? There is a button at the neckline leaving a slit style keyhole which I love and think it breaks up the all-over print. I actually love that it’s a slit and not a round keyhole. When I wore this…

  • Apple Print + Lace
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    Apple Print + Lace

    With 4 school days left to work it’s only fitting that I share this peasant top today featuring lace, bell sleeves, and apple print. I wonder how the whole apple for a teacher thing got started. Anyone know? I actually did get an apple from a student once a few years ago. My student said he always wanted to give a teacher an apple and wanted to do it before he graduated (he was a senior). This top was part of the LC Lauren Conrad – Snow White Collection. Obviously, I wasn’t going to buy anything that looked too Disney-ish or Snow White-y to wear to work, but this top…

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    Button Downs: Yea or Nay?

    I’ve never been a huge fan of button-downs. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate them and I like them on other people, but I personally don’t wear them often because I don’t usually feel super comfortable in them. I think it’s because they’re usually so fitted and stiff feeling. I feel like I end up spending most of the day just constantly pulling it down/stretching it down. Of course, I still own a few just because they’re the kind of clothing items that always seem like a good idea to buy for work. Anyway, when I do come across a button-down that I feel comfortable in it makes me pretty…