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I haven’t forgotten that I need to update you all on my fitness/health goals/progress. So last time I wrote about how I was really slacking with BBG lately and that I would be going on vacation for 16 days (including travel days) in August so I wouldn’t be exercising then either aside from lots of walking. And lots of walking, I did!

I mentioned in that post that it would be a good idea to keep track of my steps while I was away since that would be my primary source of exercise. So I did!

Day 1 – 5.9 miles, 17,239 steps
Day 2 – 4.5 miles, 11,764 steps
Day 3 – 7 miles, 18,060 steps
Day 4 – 6.3 miles, 14,501 steps
Day 5 – 4.1 miles, 9,676 steps
Day 6 – 3.1 miles, 7,252 steps
Day 7 – 4.3 miles, 10,049 steps,
Day 8 – 6.3 miles, 14,980 steps
Day 9 – 3.9 miles, 9,440 steps
Day 10 – 7.4 miles, 17,301 steps
Day 11 – 4.4 miles, 11,421 steps
Day 12 – 4.1 miles, 10,240 steps
Day 13 – 6.8 miles, 16,075 steps

So many steps! A few of the days had less than others but those were travel days or days where I stayed in smaller areas of the cities. Seeing how many steps I did every day I was away helps me not feel so bad about the millions of calories I consumed! Not that it would’ve stopped me because as you know, I love to eat especially when I’m away as evidenced from my Japan food post and Hong Kong food post.


Hong Kong sightseeing

So have I done any exercising or BBG since I’ve been back? Nope. I got back last Thursday evening and I went back to work on Monday – still jetlagged. So this week has been an adjustment but I intend to start back up with an exercise routine next week….or the week after. I think I’ll ease in to it with some dance cardio videos for some fun.

That’s my update and we’ll see what next month brings!

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