Having Straight Teeth Isn’t Just Cosmetic – It Can Improve Your Health Too

While having straight teeth looks great, that isn’t the only reason dentists see it as ideal. It can also have a host of knock-on effects on your health, which can dramatically improve your life. 

Fewer Soft Tissue Injuries
“Soft-tissue injuries” are any injuries that occur in your mouth that don’t affect the teeth or jawbone. Biting through your lip, for instance, would count as one of these. 

While anybody can damage the insides of their mouths, such injuries appear to happen most frequently among those with crooked teeth. Teeth that stick out at weird angles are a liability when you’re chewing on a steak. One slight misfiring of your jaw muscles, and you suddenly dig into the side of your mouth. It is not pleasant. 


Improved Gum Health


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If you check out, you’ll see that straightening your teeth has some interesting advantages, besides making you feel more confident. Perhaps the most important from a medical perspective is improved gum health. People who have straight teeth tend to suffer fewer periodontal infections and gingivitis. 

The reason for this has to do with the shape of the teeth. When teeth are crooked, they create small nooks where bacteria can get a foothold and multiply. Over time, you get a buildup of tartar that can seep down into the gum below and cause infection. 

Straightening teeth, therefore, typically leads to improved gum health. You’re more able to get into all of the nooks and crannies in your mouth. Bacteria have nowhere to hide. 


Improved Digestion
Chewing is vital for digestion. The better you can masticate, the better your stomach can take over the rest of the work. Failing to chew food properly leads to all kinds of digestion issues, including bloating and cramping. 

People with straight teeth, however, may be at an advantage here. Research indicates that people with aligned teeth tend to have better overall digestive health


Fewer Cavities

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Cavities – sometimes called caries by dentists – are a scourge of the modern world. Typically, you find them in the middle of rear molars. Bacteria build up on the surface of teeth and eventually burrow through the enamel. Over time, a hole opens up, exposing the middle of the tooth, which invariably becomes infected. 

While straight teeth won’t defend you against a terrible diet, they do enhance your resistance to cavities. When your teeth align, it is easy to floss, and there are fewer gaps compared to crooked teeth. 


Fewer Accidents
If you have a tooth that protrudes more than the rest in your mouth, then it is much more likely to become involved in an accident, especially if you play sports. 

Putting on a mouthguard can help, but only so much. If you have a single goofy tooth that wants to stick out, then it will take the brunt of the impact, no matter how much you try to protect it. 

So what’s the solution here? Your best bet is to sort out your teeth as soon as you can. As points out, it can have a massive impact on your life and health.

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