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Exactly one week ago I was on my way home from Hong Kong. You know, after a quick 15 hour flight. Honestly, the flight didn’t feel too bad because I was able to sleep for stretches of time and I watched 2 movies. It was very bizarre to leave Hong Kong at noon on my birthday and arrive back home in New Jersey around 3pm the same day.

The week in Hong Kong was full of family, eating, and shopping. A lot of eating – I’m posting my Hong Kong food post tomorrow and there are so many photos!

After being picked up from our hotel we arrived at the airport about 35 minutes later and checked our bags. We headed to the United Lounge since we were flying business class and got breakfast. On the plane, I watched A Quiet Place which was amazing and I cried. Highly recommend it! I also watched Ready Player One which was good but paled in comparison to A Quiet Place.

For food, they gave us smoked duck as an appetizer and I ordered the eggplant ravioli for my meal. It didn’t look very appetizing, but it actually wasn’t bad. I got an ice cream sundae for dessert which was a little too frozen and hard to dig in to.

During the movies, I ate some snacks that we had packed in our carry-ons. Both were things we had to eat before going through customs because they weren’t allowed in the country. One was mooncake. You can bring mooncake back in to the States if it doesn’t have the egg yolk in it. This one had egg yolk so we planned to eat it on the plane. The other snack was a Chinese pork jerky. I don’t know why you can’t bring in cooked meat, but whatever. Oh and I also ate a steak sandwich that my cousin picked up for me and my brother.

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Hong Kong to New Jersey flight map 1Hong Kong to New Jersey flight map

United Airlines - breakfast

Prior to landing, they gave us our last meal which was breakfast even though it was like noon. I got the cereal and fruit.

It was nice to finally get home, but overall the vacation was amazing. I’d love to go back to both Japan and Hong Kong. I’ll be recapping my vacation next week and including some highlights as well as things I didn’t get to do/see that I want to next time!

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