• Del Mar - Paella de Pescado y Marisco

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    DC Diary: Food & Heading Home

    I’m back home in NJ! My trip to DC was a nice few days away and now I’m busy with Secret Santa with friends and New Year’s Eve. I have exactly 1 day (New Year’s Day) to just stay home and not have to do anything before I go back to work. In the meantime while I’ve got a few spare moments, I wanted to share where and what I ate in DC and recap my last day aka my drive home. When I arrived in DC on Wednesday, we pretty much only had time to settle in to the hotel, walk around, and then go to dinner. We had…

  • Hong Kong - Lord Stow's Egg Tarts

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    Foodie Diary: Hong Kong

    My trip to Hong Kong was filled with food. Seriously, so much food! As I did for Japan and previous other trips, I’m recapping what I ate. This isn’t everything as I skipped photographing most breakfasts and a few other meals here and there that didn’t seem significant enough to take photos of. I also missed some photos when I was at family dinners because it was hard to take photos. Chinese dinners are usually family style also so there are so many dishes – too many to photograph all of them! Without further ado let me share what I do have – which is still a lot! When we first…

  • Alaskan Seafood Pasta

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    What I Ate in Alaska – Part 1: On Land

    I spent 12 days (11 if you don’t count my last day which was full of traveling home) in Alaska on a land & cruise vacation. I spent the first 4 days in the interior of Alaska before getting on the cruise ship and cruising down southeast Alaska and finally ending in Vancouver, Canada. While on vacation I ate a ton of delicious food, and a couple things not worth writing about, so I of course wanted to share all of the yumminess with you. Because I ate so much, I need to break this post into 2 parts and so I’ve decided the best way to divide it up…