Hong Kong - night

Japan –> Hong Kong

On Thursday, I woke up at 4:30am and got ready to get picked up for the airport. I flew from Tokyo to Hong Kong in about 3-4 hours.

Once through security, my family and I did some duty free shopping, got some food in the ANA lounge, and relaxed a bit before our flight. The flight was delayed due to the bad weather from the typhoon, but luckily it was only delayed an hour. The flight was pretty comfortable and didn’t feel that long. Definitely not as long as my initial flight from New Jersey to Tokyo and not as long as my flight home from Hong Kong is going to be in 2 days! During the 3-4 hours, I ate, watched Rampage, read a little bit, and took a short nap.

Leaving TokyoTokyo Narita Airport - Duty Free ShoppingTokyo Narita Airport - ANA LoungeTokyo Narita Airport - gateANA Business Class Seat 1ANA Business Class SeatANA - Plane CameraANA Flight MapANA - Flight Map 1ANA Business Class - snackANA Business Class - lunchPlane Window - JapanPlane movie - Rampage

The only reason I’m showing you my seat on the flight is because it was business class and there was soooo much leg room!

We arrived in Hong Kong on a sunny day. The weather since then hasn’t been ideal, but I’ll talk about that later. Many of you may not know that my family is from Hong Kong. This is my first trip here though!

Hong Kong - plane windowHong Kong - plane window 1

We got picked up from the airport and went to the hotel, the Conrad, where we checked in and were given welcome tea!

Conrad Hong Kong - lobby

Conrad Hong Kong - welcome tea

Downstairs and connected to my hotel, you can get to Pacific Place – an upscale mall. After we grabbed a snack at the hotel and took in some of the pretty views, we decided to head out to see what Pacific Place was like and also find the restaurant we wanted to have dinner. We walked around there a bit and went to dinner from there. A cool thing about Hong Kong is that so much of it is connected through shopping centers and skybridges etc, so when the weather is bad you can still manage to get across town without an umbrella.

Conrad Hong Kong - viewConrad Hong Kong - view 1Conrad Hong Kong - room viewPacific Place

We walked through part of the mall and through some skybridges outside to get to the restaurant we decided on for dinner. Like with Japan I’ll be writing a food post for Hong Kong too!

The little glimpses of the city at nighttime that we got were really pretty.

Hong Kong - night 1Hong Kong - night

After an early morning and a long day, I was ready for bed. My hotel has turndown service and this little teddy bear that I found on my bed when I got back to my room is so cute!

Conrad Hong Kong - turn down service

The next day I did some sightseeing and a day trip to a really cool place, so be on the lookout for that post and just a warning – there will be a lot of photos!

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