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The Best Ways To Protect Your Phone While Traveling


We all have certain things we can’t go on vacation without. However, a device that almost all travelers choose to pack is a smartphone. Acting as a translator, GPS, entertainment system, and camera all at once, a phone is an essential and incredibly helpful part of the travel experience. The trouble is, thousands of these devices are lost, damaged, or stolen every year while on vacation. To keep yours from suffering the same fate, here are six things you must do.

  1. Set Up A Password

Most smartphone thieves intend to keep these devices for themselves or sell them on to others. Either way, setting up a password will make this incredibly difficult. After all, they would need to be able to access your device before anyone can use it. Using a password will also protect any sensitive data you might have on your phone. You should also change your password regularly.

  1. Keep It In Sight

No matter how safe you might feel, you should never leave your phone unattended. After all, it only takes a few seconds for an opportunist to grab and run away with it. It’s best that you always keep your smartphone on your person, but, if you plan to leave it in your hotel room, you should lock it away in the safe. This reduces the likelihood of hotel staff getting their hands on it. 


  1. Avoid The Back Pocket

Keeping a phone in your back pocket is never a good idea. As well as heightening the risk of you dropping and cracking the device, you also make it easier for pickpockets to snatch it. Many popular tourist spots are full of thieves like this. You might think you’d notice being stolen from, but you’re very unlikely to. Because of this, you should keep your phone safely in your bag.

  1. Use A Phone Case

There is no way to eliminate the risk of you breaking your phone completely. However, using a sturdy case does decrease the likelihood of you needing iPhone 8 repair services. Modern-day phones are so light and thin that they’re far from durable. Even if you don’t often drop your phone, it could get damaged in your bag. Investing in a case and screen protector, therefore, is sensible. 


  1. Connect To A VPN

While it is definitely important to protect the physical safety of your phone, you can’t forget about your data. Most people keep lots of sensitive information on their devices, from credit card numbers to passwords. You can’t afford for this to fall into the wrong hands. Travelers often connect to whatever wifi connection is available, so avoid a malicious attack by using a VPN.

Insecure connections from public WiFi can have adverse effects on your data. They leave your data and online activity vulnerable to manipulators. While the rise of HTTP websites has helped reduce the risk, there are still several loopholes in websites and applications. For this reason, it would be best to fire up norton secure vpn on your device to enhance security. VPNs ensure that your data is encrypted before it is sent over the WiFi, reducing its vulnerability.

  1. Enable A Mobile Tracker

Although it can seem like it at the time, losing your phone or having it stolen is not the end of the world. After all, there is always a chance that you will get your device back. This is especially true is you download a mobile tracker. With this software, you will be able to control your phone using other devices, as well as identify the location of your lost smartphone. 

If you take your phone with you on vacation, make sure that you look after it by following the advice above. 

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