Newport - Cliff Walk
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Photo Challenge: Rounded

For last week’s photo challenge, participants were challenged to share a photo of “Rounded” which could be something literally rounded or curved or more metaphorically. When I saw the example given, a coastline in Vancouver, one photo I have jumped out at me. A number of years ago I went to Rhode island for a long weekend with my family. We went to Newport and did the famous Cliff Walk. The Cliff Walk is a 3.5 mile walk along the coastline, which is said to be the most beautiful in New England. Along the way, you pass many of the Newport mansions. Some are even open to visitors! The houses are all gorgeous and the walk along the coast is just as beautiful. This photo is the one photo I always remember from my trip to Rhode Island. I actually can’t think of any other photo off the top of my head from that trip. This photo really sums up my trip there!

Newport - Cliff Walk

This section of the walk was perfect in my eyes. It was so beautiful with the blue water, the curve of the coast up ahead, the tall green grass and shrubbery, and dark green trees ahead. This little curve or rounded spot looks so idyllic and peaceful. It is definitely a photo I will not forget.

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