Pink Cubic Zirconia Ring

Photo Challenge: Beloved

When I thought of what to use for my photo challenge response to “Beloved“, I had a specific pair of earrings in mind. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the earrings, but I found an equally beloved piece of jewelry – this pink cubic zirconia ring.

Pink Cubic Zirconia Ring

I’ve worn this ring in outfits on the blog before, but this post is going to be about the background of this ring and why it’s beloved. This ring belonged to my mom and she gave it to me, which is one reason it’s beloved, but there’s actually more to the story. When I was really young I used to play dress up all the time. I liked to pretend I was some fancy, business woman in New York City with my jewelry and heels.

This pink cubic zirconia stone is pretty sizeable on my finger now so imagine how big it was on my 6 year old finger! I loved how it looked on me and I still love wearing it today. When my mom gave it to me, I had to get the band enlarged a little because my mom has skinnier fingers than me. Luckily, I have an uncle who is a jeweler so he did it easily. So this ring has a lot of memories for me. From wearing it to play make believe when I was little to wearing it for fashion now.

If you’re curious, the earrings I had wanted to use for this post were pretty much for the same reason. My mom had these pink sequined dangly clip on earrings that I absolutely loved wearing when I played. Sadly, I don’t know where they are now, but I’m happy I got to tell the story of this ring in this post!

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