Two-Piece Cable Knit + Collared Shirt
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Two-Piece Cable Knit Sweater

Did you watch the opening ceremony to the Winter Olympics last night? IΒ love the Olympics! The parade of nations during the opening ceremony always gets me excited for the games. I can’t wait to watch some of the events, especially figure skating and speed skating. It’s definitely a dream of mine to one day be a spectator at an Olympics.

But far away from the Winter Olympics in South Korea, I’m writing this blog post on this two-piece cable knit & collared button down sweater. It’s a fake two-piece sweater actually, which makes the layered look neater since I don’t have to worry about the button down bunching up or the sweater not laying correctly on top. Don’t you just love fake layered pieces? I do!

Two-Piece Cable Knit + Collared ShirtTwo-Piece Cable Knit + Collared Shirt 1Two-Piece Cable Knit + Collared Shirt 2Two-Piece Cable Knit + Collared Shirt 3Two-Piece Cable Knit + Collared Shirt 4Two-Piece Cable Knit + Collared Shirt 5Two-Piece Cable Knit + Collared Shirt 6Two-Piece Cable Knit + Collared Shirt 7Two-Piece Cable Knit + Collared Shirt 8Two-Piece Cable Knit + Collared Shirt 9Two-Piece Cable Knit + Collared Shirt 10Two-Piece Cable Knit + Collared Shirt 11Two-Piece Cable Knit + Collared Shirt 12Two-Piece Cable Knit + Collared Shirt 13Two-Piece Cable Knit + Collared Shirt 14

Sweater: Chicwish | Leggings: J.Crew | Boots: Chinese Laundry via DSW

This loose two-piece sweater is actually really thick and warm. It’s not flimsy at all. The cable knit has a good weight to it and is really soft and cozy. I love the dark green combined with the pinstripe underneath. They look so good together!

I also love how the sweater on top is off the shoulder. It gives the top such a different look. It’s nothing new to see a collared button-down top underneath a sweater, but to make that sweater an off-the-shoulder sweater is something new or at least different than the norm.

I paired the sweater with black leggings and black over-the-knee boots to keep the bottom half sleek and fitted. I like balancing things out that way. It’s kind of like how people say if you wear something low cut you should be more covered up on your bottom half and if you’re wearing a short dress or skirt then you should be more covered up on top. In that vain, I feel like if you’re top is loose fitting you should wear something more fitted for bottoms. Obviously you can make your own style rules, but this is just something I like to do so I don’t look like I’m being swallowed up in my clothes!

This exact sweater isn’t available anymore but there are a few left in other colors like this ivory one, which looks really nice too!

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