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Photo Challenge: Tour Guide

Last week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Tour Guide” and asked participants to share a photo that let them serve as a sort of tour guide to their town. I, like probably many people who don’t live in a city, don’t have a lot of photos of my town because I live in the suburbs and what’s there really to take photos of? So I’m sharing a photo from a few months ago at a pond in my town. I’m in the photo so I didn’t take it but in a way this works out because it’s like I’m really your tour guide.

Gypsy Soul - Choker Tank

In recent years my town has really cleaned up this pond and area to make it look really nice, but when I was young it wasn’t as well kept. I’m sure when they first made it (whenever that was) it was really nice and then over the years they just didn’t take good care of it and let it get a bit run down.

I remember when I was in 2nd grade there was a project we got to take part in – I’m not sure what the reason was, but it had to do with the environment so maybe Earth Day? Anyway, we were all given a disposable camera and taught how to take a “good” picture. We were supposed to take photos of pollution and there was a competition for whoever could take the best photo. There must’ve been some sort of prize, but I don’t remember what it was. One of the photos I took on my disposable camera was garbage in the pond. My dad took me to the pond to see if we could find any litter or anything and I saw some paper cups and things on the edge of the pond and took a picture. I didn’t end up winning, which did annoy me a little back then when I was 7 (!), but on the bright side the pond has really gotten cleaned up and looks so nice now!

On a side note, this photo was taken in my outfit post (here).

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