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Last Day in Japan

I’m almost halfway through my trip to Hong Kong and I’m just getting to writing about my last day in Japan! As mentioned yesterday, my last day in Japan was pretty rainy. A typhoon was headed in the direction of Tokyo so most of Saturday was pretty wet. The hotel lent out umbrellas to guests and I also bought a $5 rain jacket in the convenience store. The jacket is actually really well made and a thick plastic so it’s reuseable. It has a hood and buttons up! It really did the trick on my last day in Japan and I’ve used it in Hong Kong too! Best $5 ever!

So the last day I was in Tokyo, we didn’t do that much because of the weather. Plus I wasn’t feeling very good. We walked around Shinjuku, went to some shops, went inside a mall or two. I really wanted to go into a Uniqlo since I really like the store and it’s originally a Japanese store. I was really lucky because prior to leaving for vacation I saw that Uniqlo had collabed with a British artist to create limited edition Mickey Mouse tees. They were available online and in select stores. But the launch date for the shirts was the night before I left for vacation or something so I wouldn’t be home for when the package arrived. I thought maybe since Uniqlo is Japanese, I’d get lucky with the stores there being one of the “select” stores carrying the shirt I wanted. It was there and I was ecstatic!

We also went in to Odakyu mall and the downstairs has a massive food hall with delicious food everywhere you turn! This rainy day ended up being a big food outing because we bought so many snacks to take home or give as gifts, we sampled a few things in Odayku and even bought some chicken wings to take back to the hotel. We also stopped at a few stands at Shinjuku Station to pick up some sweets – a delicious cream puff being one of them!

Even in the rain, the city looked great with all the lights. We spent the rest of the day back at the hotel with me taking a cold pill and napping before heading out to dinner at one of the hotel restaurants. Then we had to pack up all our stuff because we were being picked up at 5:30am the next morning for our flight to Hong Kong! Here are some shots from the day.

Rainy Tokyo 1Rainy Tokyo 2Rainy Tokyo 3Rainy Tokyo 4Rainy Tokyo 5

Rainy Tokyo 6Shinjuku - UniqloShinjuku - Uniqlo 1Uniqlo - Mickey Art ShirtShinjuku Station - foodShinjuku Station - food 1Shinjuku Station - cream puffMarui Shopping Center 1Marui Shopping CenterOdakyu - Food hall 4Odakyu - Food hall 2Odakyu - Food hall 1Odakyu - Food hall 3Odakyu - Food hallTokyo - flowering treeRainy day & tea

Hilton Tokyo - Typhoon ShanshanHilton Tokyo - Typhoon Shanshan 1Hilton Tokyo - Dynasty

I hope you’ve enjoyed my photos from Japan! Tomorrow I will post my food recap post from the country and then I’ll start my Hong Kong posts. Before you know it I’ll be back home and starting work! Once I’m home and get settled in I plan to write a recap post  of this 2 week Asian vacation where I recap the highlights of the trip and list a few things I didn’t have time to do but hope to the next time I’m here. There will be a next time because I loved Tokyo even more than I thought I would! And I’m sure I’ll be back in Hong Kong as well, but I still have that whole portion of the trip to write up so I’ll save my thoughts on that for later!


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