• Notre Dame
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    Notre Dame

    With the tragic fire at Notre Dame in Paris earlier in the week, I saw an outpouring of stories and photos of people’s experiences in the historic and famous cathedral. Though I have been fortunate enough to have seen Notre Dame with my own eyes three times (so far) in my life, I didn’t join in on the photo/story sharing. However, since it is Easter, I thought today was a good day to share a photo I snapped the last time I was in Paris, about 6 years ago. Although this photo, which predominantly features parts of the cathedral that were destroyed, was taken 6 years ago my story is…

  • Big Buddha - Lantau Island

    Hong Kong Tram + Lantau Island

    Friday was my first full day in Hong Kong and as mentioned in yesterday’s post my family is from here, but this is my first time visiting. If you don’t know, Hong Kong is made up of many little islands and a few bigger ones. I’m staying on Hong Kong Island, where my parents were born and my dad grew up (my mom moved to the States when she was very young). So Friday, we booked a half day tour to Lantau Island – one of the islands of Hong Kong – so that we could go to the Po Lin Monastery where the big Buddha is. Obviously, I had…

  • Rainy Tokyo
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    Last Day in Japan

    I’m almost halfway through my trip to Hong Kong and I’m just getting to writing about my last day in Japan! As mentioned yesterday, my last day in Japan was pretty rainy. A typhoon was headed in the direction of Tokyo so most of Saturday was pretty wet. The hotel lent out umbrellas to guests and I also bought a $5 rain jacket in the convenience store. The jacket is actually really well made and a thick plastic so it’s reuseable. It has a hood and buttons up! It really did the trick on my last day in Japan and I’ve used it in Hong Kong too! Best $5 ever!…

  • Baltimore - Inner Harbor
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    24 Hours in Baltimore

    Last Friday I headed down to Baltimore for the day/overnight with my family because it had been a few years since we’d been there and we all wanted to eat/bring home some crab. While the trip was a nice time, there were weird things happening left and right the entire 24 hours there. Then, I remembered it was Friday the 13th so maybe it was just Friday the 13th vibes! Without making this post super long, let me just quickly recap through bullet points what we did and the bizarre things will be sprinkled in there. The drive to Baltimore was pretty smooth and uneventful. It took us about 3.5…