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Downton Abbey Exhibit & NYC at Christmas

I love New York City at Christmas time. Every street is decorated and everything looks beautiful and magical. When I saw that the Downton Abbey – The Exhibition was going to be in New York I had to go and the fact that it was during the holiday season made it even more enticing. As luck would have it, it was a snowy day when I went two weekends ago making Christmas-time in the city even more magical.

Before I share photos of the Christmas prettiness in the city, let me tell you briefly about the exhibit. If you are/were a fan of the show, the exhibit is such an interesting and fun behind the scenes look at the show. It’s filled with three floors of props, costumes, and information. I loved seeing all of these things! One of my favorite things were the videos of clips and highlights from the show as well as an introduction and closing from some of the characters where Carson made a sneaky comment about it being “goodbye for now” which totally adds to the rumor mill that a movie is in the works. In one of the video rooms, it was floor to ceiling screens on all sides and really immersed you in the story and the world of Downton Abbey. It definitely makes me want to rewatch the show for the stories, characters, fashion, and Violet Crawley aka The Dowager Countess’s sarcastic remarks.

I took a lot of pictures from this day in the city from the exhibit to seeing the tree at Rockefeller Center and my personal favorite – the light show on the side of the Sakes Fifth Avenue building by the tree. Here are some highlights!

21 Club - Christmas Decorations
Rockefeller Center - Snow
Rockefeller Center - Angels
Rockfeller Center - Snowy Ornaments
Rockefeller Center Tree
Rockefeller Center Tree - Snow
Downton Abbery - The Exhibition
Downton Abbery - The Exhibition - Servant's Quarters
Downton Abbery - The Exhibition - Servant's Bells
Downton Abbery - The Exhibition - Violet quote
Downton Abbery - The Exhibition - Dining Room
Downton Abbery - The Exhibition - Dresses
Downton Abbery - The Exhibition - Wedding Dresses
Downton Abbery - The Exhibition - Video Room
NYC Christmas
NYC Christmas Decorations
Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree
Saks Fifth Avenue - Christmas Light Show
Saks Fifth Avenue - Christmas Light Show 1

The exhibit was definitely worth seeing. If you’re a fan and in the New York area, I’d definitely try to go before it’s gone!

The city, as you can hopefully see from my pictures, was beautiful all decked out for the holidays and the snow just made it better. The Rockefeller Center tree with a fresh dusting of snow on it? Pure beauty!

My family and I also had a great dinner that night which I’ll be writing about in a future post.

For now, I’ll leave you with two videos from the Saks light show!


And with that, have a magical day!

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