Wegmans Kale Mexican Salad
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April 2017 Favorites

Today’s the last day of April. Can you believe it? I have just a few favorites from this month to share with you all so this will be pretty quick.

I have been loving the prepared kale salads at Wegmans – my favorite grocery store. The two I usually buy from their salad bar are the Mexican Kale Salad and the Kale Caesar Salad. They are delicious and fresh on their own, but I like to add grape tomatoes for some extra fresh sweetness.

Wegmans Kale Mexican Salad
Wegmans Kale Caesar Salad

My next favorite it Jergen’s Natural Glow Moisturizer. It’s getting warmer and warmer out which means I’ll have to bear my legs sans tights. In fact, I plan on wearing a dress to work tomorrow and go bare legged! Yikes. So I’ve been using the Jergen’s Natural Glow moisturizer daily to start building some color so that my legs don’t look pasty. This takes a few minutes to dry and I don’t have time in the morning to wait for my body lotion to dry before getting dressed, so I’ve been using this at night. I put it on and while I wait for it to dry I brush my teeth, wash my face, etc. and then put my pajamas on. It has a really pleasant smell and I can already see a bit of difference. I like that this builds color gradually so it’s not like I’m all of a sudden shades darker.

Jergen's Natural Glow
This month, just last week in fact, I finished my Invisalign treatment! I wrote about it in my favorites way back in September. I said that I would do an update during my subsequent favorites posts, but then I kept forgetting to include them. Anyway, I’m so happy to be done with my treatment and now all I have to do is wear my Invisalign retainers (pictured below) every night for the next year. It’s definitely nice and feels so free to not have to take them in and out for meals etc., but it does feel weird and I have this secret fear that my teeth will go back to the way they were. My teeth were never that bad, but I started to notice them go a little bit crooked in the past few years and wanted to correct it before they got worse. Since they weren’t that bad to begin with my treatment was pretty quick as I only had 10 trays and the course lasted about 8 months. I know some people who have to wear theirs for years, so I’m definitely lucky!

Invisalign Retainers

My next favorite is something from Instagram. Do any of you follow Chris Pratt on Instagram? He did a series of posts called “What’s My Snack?” and it’s hilarious! I definitely recommend you check it out for a laugh!

Lastly, my favorite song this month has been Ellie Goulding’s “Still Falling For You” (Jonas Blue Remix). The original song is nice, but a little too slow for me. I love the remix version though!


That does it for my April favorites. What are some things you loved this month?

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