Branch Brook Park - Cherry Blossom Festival
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April 2019 Favorites

April flew by in a flash and I guess because of that I only have a few favorites this month. Of these few favorites a few of them have to do with entertainment, one is a skincare item, and one is an experience.

Let’s get all the entertainment things out of the way first.

This is technically from March, but I didn’t watch it until April so that’s why it’s an April favorite. On The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and a few members of The Roots filmed themselves singing “In the Still of the Night” under the Brooklyn Bridge as an homage to doo-wop. I loved it!

Next up, a new (to me) show I’m loving is A Discovery of Witches. It is based on a book series and I believe season 2 is out in the UK, but season 1 is just airing now in the US and I am all about it. It makes me think of an adult version of Twilight. The story follows Diana Bishop, a young historian at Oxford, who is a witch but hasn’t embraced her powers. She’s basically non-practicing. When she is able to take a long-thought of lost book out of the Oxford library, it causes a huge flurry of supernatural activity and everyone wants the book. However, they need Diana to get it. Matthew, a hundreds (or thousands?) years old vampire is drawn to Diana and while witches and vampires aren’t supposed to really get along let alone be in a relationship (it’s against the rules) they almost instantly find themselves in love. After each episode I hate that I need to wait a week until the next one!

A Discovery of Witches

My last entertainment favorite is, of course, Game of Thrones! I can’t believe it’s the final season and I don’t know what I’ll do when it’s all over! I also can’t believe we’re already halfway through the season. This past week’s episode with the Battle of Winterfell was epic! I was pretty much holding my breath the entire 80 something minutes. I want to rewatch the episode sometime this week so I can pay closer attention to it without being filled with anxiety.


My next favorite is an old favorite of mine, Olay Daily Facial Cleansing Cloths. I’ve been using these when I travel for years and after using them last week when I was in Georgia I remembered just how amazing these wipes are. They’re perfect for travel because they’re dry and they’re also great because they really clean your face which I know can be an issue for some when traveling and you may not bring all your normal skin products. These cloths activate with water. You run the cloth under water and it will instantly lather up. Massage the cloth on your face and it will remove all your makeup, clean your face, hydrate, tone, etc. And my skin seriously does feel squeaky clean after!

Olay Daily Facials Cleansing Cloths

I usually just put a bunch of cloths in a ziplock bag for traveling so I don’t need to bring the box or whole package.

And my last favorite are all the beautiful cherry blossoms I saw at the Cherry Blossom Festival earlier in the month! You can read about it (here).

Branch Brook Park - Cherry Blossom Festival

My April favorites list might be short, but these are all things I seriously loved.

Here’s to a good May!

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