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Fig & Olive

Ah Sunday already. I’m not ready for the weekend to end! And it doesn’t help to know that my next holiday or day off from work (minus weekends) isn’t until April. Should I be wishing for another snow day even though we used up our built in days?

Anyway, if you remember back in December I went in to the city (New York City) to see the Downton Abbey Exhibition and saw the tree at Rockefeller Center etc. For dinner my family and I went to Fig & Olive. There are a few locations around the city and two in California, but this was my first time. We went to the 5th Avenue location and I took a few photos to share!

I took this photo below from the entryway when we were waiting to be seated. We were seated upstairs which was really nice and super holiday-ish with twinkle lights but I couldn’t get a good shot so I can’t show you unfortunately.

Fig & Olive

To preface, the lighting was really weird so my photos might look off. I tried to fix them the best I could (with my limited skills) to make the lighting better. Now, I don’t mean the lighting was weird in general, but for photos it was. The lights in general were a bit dim for the ambience which is fine but our table was in a weird spot where it was half under the recess lighting, half not. Plus there were twinkle lights up around the restaurant for the holidays – not that I’m complaining about that because I love twinkle lights, but all these things contributed to the weird lighting for photos. Now that I’ve rambled about this, let’s get to the food!

There were 6 of us at dinner and we ordered two appetizers to share. We ordered the roasted beets which was served with goat cheese, ayala spice, orange rosemary syrup, candied walnuts, and orange zest. This was absolutely delicious and possibly my favorite dish of the night.

Fig & Olive - Roasted Beets

We also ordered crostini. We got the option where you can pick 6 of the 13 crostini choices. I don’t remember what they all were, but they were yummy!

Fig & Olive - Crostini

For my entree, I ordered the Provence Roasted Amish Chicken which came in a skillet and served with fingerling potatoes, mushrooms, tarragon aioli, and Herbes de Provence. The dish was really tasty and the chicken was nice and moist on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Fig & Olive - Provence Amish Roasted Chicken

For dessert, I ordered the chocolate pot de creme which was so delicious and light. Not too heavy or chocolatey at all. They served it with hazelnut praline and vanilla cream.

Fig & Olive - Chocolate Pot de CremeFig & Olive - Chocolate Pot de Creme 1

I enjoyed my dinner at Fig & Olive. The appetizers were definitely my favorite part of the meal though!

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