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#fbf Macarons

I’m happy that today is Friday and that I have a long weekend ahead for Memorial Day. I’m also happy that it’s a dress down day at work meaning I can wear jeans and extra happy that my friends and I at work are going to wear our matching Acotar (A Court of Thorns and Roses) tees. But, I was in a terrible mood last night (at the time this post goes live I hope I’m in a better mood!) because I’m so frustrated with Instagram. As you know, if you’ve been following my skating journey, I’ve been posting Reels a few days a week with skating updates and I’ve also done a few fashion and food Reels. Well all of a sudden yesterday my Instagram layout looks different – it looks like the old version with the notifications at the bottom – and my Reels feature is gone!! I can see the Reels I’ve already posted, but my drafts are gone and I do not have the option to create a Reel. It’s so frustrating and I spent way too many hours yesterday trying all sorts of things to fix the issue to no avail. I’m hoping it’s a glitch or that Instagram is doing some sort of update and it will start working normally again for me asap. I did find a workaround through some YouTube comments, but it is still off and will only allow me to post a 15 second video instead of 30. I guess that’s better than nothing, but I just want the feature back and for it to be working properly! I know it’s definitely #firstworldproblems but it’s really frustrating and if you know me personally you know that when things like this happen to me I can’t stop thinking about it until it’s resolved.

Sorry for rambling, I’m just so annoyed!

But onto something happier – macarons. Years ago I used to always pick up a little box of macarons from a stand at the mall. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten those, but there is a bakery near me that was actually featured on the Food Network, Blue Sheep Bake Shop, and their macarons are pretty good. I was having a few the other day and thought I’d take a photo because they looked so pretty. They are strawberry, raspberry, and birthday cake. They’re all so yummy, but if I had to choose I’d pick a favorite of the 3 here, I’d pick raspberry. I love the fresh fruit jam inside.

Hopefully the end of this week turns around for me!

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