Food Trucks at Laurita Winery

It was a busy weekend with family in town visiting and my ongoing health issue which came to a head. I think I’m officially on the road to recovery, but I don’t want to jinx it.

Yesterday, we went to Laurita Winery to go to the food trucks for lunch. I’ve wanted to go there for the food trucks for a few years now and just never went for one reason or another. I didn’t eat as much as I had planned to because it was so hot out – 95 degrees – I don’t even now what the real feel was so it was just too hot to eat a lot. My brother and his fiancee also said that last time they went there were double the amount of food trucks so there wasn’t a ton of variety, but it was still good and a nice time.

I ate the bbq pulled pork tater tots, stole a few butterfly fries from my younger cousins, and had some edible cookie dough. On the way back to my parents’ house we stopped at a mom & pop ice cream place and I got a lemon italian ice.

Everything was delicious. I just wish I felt up to eating more things! I probably could’ve gone for some tacos or something, but was just too hot and plus I’m not feeling 100%. Next time!

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