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    4 Ways To Beat The Heat And Make Your Home Comfortable This Summer

    During the winter, we all complain about the cold weather and count down the days until summer arrives. But now the warm weather is here, you are probably feeling the effect in your home and wishing that it were a little cooler. Your home can be very uncomfortable when it’s boiling hot and, even though you want to enjoy the sun when you are out in the garden, you also need a place where you can escape it and cool down. If you are struggling with the hot weather, try some of these simple ways to beat the heat in your home this summer.  Image From Pixabay CCO License Upgrade…

  • Summer Bracelet Stack


    Summer Bracelet Stack

    Before summer officially winds down I wanted to share this elastic bracelet stack with you guys because it is the ultimate summer stack. At the beginning of the summer Baublebar came out with summer bracelets. Some came in sets, some were mix and match. I bought one set called the Breigh Bracelet Set and the multicolor heart bracelet called the Cyprus Bracelet. These bracelets aren’t just fun, but they give me major nostalgia feels. They remind me of being a kid in the 90s. Elastic, colorful bracelets galore! Basically these look like kid bracelets, but for adults. I think they’re so fun and easy to wear since they are elastic.…

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    Birthday Thoughts & #fbf Hot Air Balloons

    For my birthday, dozens of hot air balloons were released from an airfield in New Jersey. Just kidding! These photos are from the annual New Jersey Balloon Festival a few weeks ago, but I am telling the truth that it is my birthday today. In recent years I have had very mixed feelings about my birthday. I’m, of course, grateful for another year, but do not love getting older. This year, while only 3/4 done, has been full of ups and downs like most years. I started the year off with all positive vibes and I even wrote numerous blog posts about how I was doing this whole positive vibes…

  • Hooks Creek Lake

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    Hooks Creek Lake

    I’m generally not a lake person – mostly because I haven’t been to many. I’ve lived less than an hour from the beach my whole life so my summers have always been about going to the beach or hanging out at someone’s pool. A few weeks ago my friend and I were planning to spend the afternoon at a reservoir about 30 minutes away. I haven’t been to that reservoir in years. I used to go there to go fishing with my dad and brother when I was young. Anyway, before we headed out we saw a notification that the reservoir was at capacity and not accepting any more visitors…

  • Floral One-Piece

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    #fbf Poolside in Hong Kong

    Since it’s the first Friday of the school year and I’ve survived the first week I thought I’d do a flash back Friday post. Of course, I picked a #fbf from my vacation last month since apparently I’m already in need of a vacation! Swimsuit: Target I wrote about my little bit of pool time in Hong Kong at my hotel, Conrad Hong Kong, in my blog post (here). It’s been so disgustingly hot out the past few days that I wish I had a pool to jump in to! I can’t wait for fall weather to finally come around, but for now I’ll just look back at these photos…

  • Floral Co-Ord Set + Round Straw Bag

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    Floral Co-Ord Set

    I love the look of co-ord sets and I’d been wanting a set for a while. A lot of them are crop tops though and I wanted to find something with a top that was a little longer. This set is so cute and comfy. I love the light pink color and the floral print. The top is still a bit cropped, but it’s not nearly as short as the ones I usually see. The shorts have an elastic waistband and go up on the sides a bit. I wore them a little higher on the waist than usual just so they could meet the hem of the top a…

  • Royal Botanical Gardens - Flowers in Canoe


    Royal Botanical Garden

    If you caught my post earlier this week about my trip to Niagara Falls, then you know that was just a stop over on my way to Toronto to visit family. Visits with family usually consist of catching up and eating. But one afternoon that I was there for my long weekend away, I went to the Royal Botanical Gardens outside Toronto. As many of you know, I love flowers so a botanical garden is a great place for me to spend a few hours! The gardens were really nice and I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went because it is towards the end of the summer so I wasn’t…

  • Floral Deep V One-Piece Swimsuit

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    Beach Style: One-Pieces

    “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” – Marilyn Monroe My post today is a look at my beach/pool style this year but I also want to talk about body image. This year I was all about the one-piece. It’s been a growing trend the past few summers, but this summer it really reached new levels of popularity. I used to hate one-pieces back in the day because they were seriously un-stylish. The only time I ever wore one-pieces was back when I was really little and didn’t care what I was wearing and the only times I wore them when I get…

  • Bradley Beach

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    Beach Days

    Happy Labor Day! This long weekend marks the unofficial end of summer. There are quite a few (okay, 3) “ends of summer” for me. I went back to work last week so that was pretty much the end of summer for me. The students start tomorrow with the official start of school so that’s another way to view the “end of summer”. And, of course, the season doesn’t officially end calendar wise until later on in the month. But I digress, Labor Day Weekend usually marks the end of summer so I thought I would round up my beach looks and some beach snaps (and 1 pool shot) to celebrate/mourn…

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    Summer Tag

    It’s officially the beginning of Labor Day Weekend/a three-day weekend! I know I’ve only been officially back to work for a few days, but this week has been so tiring so I’m welcoming this long weekend with open arms! Since Labor Day Weekend is basically the unofficial ending of summer I looked around the Internet for a summer tag and found one I liked. 1. What is the best part of summer time? The best part of summer is that I get to relax from an always stressful school year, sleep later than 5:30 am and spend more time with family and friends. Oh and go away on vacation! Not…