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Summer 2021

Summers always fly by, but I feel like this summer went by exceptionally fast. Anyone else feel that way? I thought I’d touch base on how the summer is going for me seeing as how I only have about a week and a half left before I go back to work. Cue the tears. My summer has been good despite it not being a “normal” summer. I was able to see friends more than I did last year because of the pandemic. Now that we’re all vaccinated, we can see each other a little more and go out to eat, but things still aren’t at a normal level of course. I’ve touched on this a few times since late June, but I’ve had my health issue by my ear since literally the last week of school so that has taken up my summer from doctors appointments to just dealing with it and not being able to do all the things I’d normally do in a summer because of it. Another highlight was seeing family I hadn’t seen in over a year since we couldn’t travel last year.

Because of sad health issue, I’m having surgery early tomorrow morning so I have pre-written and scheduled posts for the next couple of days in case I am not feeling up to it.

I’m still roller skating, but not getting in as much practice as I’d like to because it’s soooo hot and humid most days that being outside for even 10 minutes has me sweating. So I take advantage of the more mild days, but definitely have not gotten to practice as much as I’d like. It’s a shame because I have more time in the summers with being off from work, but it’s just too hot! I think fall is going to be my prime skating time for comfortable weather before it gets freezing cold and snowy.

Anyway, the summer has been fine – not amazing, but not terrible even with the pandemic and my health problem so I guess that’s something haha. I’ve been having fun making Reels on Instagram so I made this fun one to share for this post! I just posted it a minute ago so here it is!

Concept by me. Director – my bff. Choreographer and clothes thrower – 7 year old mini bff. The outtakes for this are so good. Maybe I’ll share those one day!

Again, my posts for tomorrow and Saturday are already written and scheduled to go up. I hope to be back on Sunday and can give you an update on how my surgery went!

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