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Honeycomb Stitch

In the winter I love wearing sweaters and I wear a lot of them. To change things up of course there’s always the option of different color sweaters, but a more exciting way (if there’s such a thing in terms of sweaters) to vary your sweaters is with different knits and stitches. Cable Knit is one of my all-time favorite for sweaters in the colder months, but it is pretty common so to change it up for the look I’m sharing today I went with this honeycomb stitch sweater.

Honeycomb Sweater
Honeycomb Sweater 1
Honeycomb Sweater 2
Honeycomb Sweater 3
Flourish Leather Co. Bracelets
Sweater: JCrew Factory | Pants: Uniqlo | Boots: Cliffs by White Mountain via DSW | Bracelets: Flourish Leather Co. via Aster Market | Watch: Caravelle New York via Macy’s

I love the colors in this honeycomb stitch sweater. The combination of colors work so well together in my opinion. The shades of camel brown, sea foam green, and white/cream just work. The colors combined into the honeycomb pattern is just perfect.

The braided leather bracelets from Flourish Leather Co. which I received in my January Aster Market Box was a stellar match for this sweater. I could not have picked better color matched accessories!

What’s also great about this sweater is that it’s a bit longer. Not tunic-long but long enough that I don’t feel the need to constantly be pulling at the hem. To make this sweater even better, it is so soft and cozy! I definitely recommend trying out a honeycomb stitch sweater. It’s something a little different, but not out there if you like to stick to the classics.

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