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Downton Abbey – Series Finale Recap

Last night was the series finale of Downton Abbey here in the US (I know it aired in the UK a while ago). A new episode of the show will never be produced again much to my and loads of others’ dismay! I’ll miss watching my favorite British aristocratic family and their servants on my screen every week. Since I really enjoyed writing my realtime comments to Grease: Live last month, I wanted to do it again while I watched the Downton Abbey finale. If you haven’t watched it yet, then fair warning there’ll be spoilers. Let’s get to it!

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  • Looks like Lady Mary and Lady Edith’s icy relationship has officially thawed after their huge fight last week, which was a long time coming. I wanted to high-five Edith last week after she called Mary a b*tch!
  • Anna’s showing! I hope it’s a happy ending for her and Bates.
  • I wish I lived on a huge country estate and could sit under a big tree to enjoy some refreshments.
  • What is with Mr. Carson’s hand shaking? I predict he won’t be able to be Head Butler anymore and then Thomas can stay!
  • Or maybe Molesley will become a full-time teacher and then Thomas will have his spot.
  • Denker is so annoying! I wish the Dowager Countess would’ve let her go ages ago.
  • That is a huge hairdryer! It’s so funny seeing their reactions to these new inventions at the time.
  • Poor Thomas. I know he’s done a lot of underhanded things in the past, but I just feel sorry for him now and how some of them treat him when he’s just trying to be nice.
  • Bertie wants Edith back?! I’m happy that Edith didn’t just take him back right away.
  • “Edith is going to be happy. Just think about that!” – I hope it lasts – she deserves it!
  • “You must know by now I never answer any question more incriminating than whether or not I need a rug” – Dowager Countess. I’m going to miss her quick remarks.
  • Daisy is such a Debbie Downer all the time. Andy could do better.
  • Carson’s shaking hand at dinner again must have been so embarrassing for him since he’s such a proud fellow.
  • Maybe Henry and Tom will go into some sort of car business together. I like them both. Well, I’ve always been a fan of Tom and I do like Henry. P.S. Anyone remember when Matthew Goode played an undercover Secret Service agent and romanced Mandy Moore in the movie Chasing Liberty?
  • Edith’s future mother-in-law looks like she’ll be quite the handful.
  • Lord Merton’s children and daughter-in-law are so snobby and annoying. Why can’t they let their father be and let him be happy with Isobel?
  • Sybbie’s response of “No we won’t” when Thomas says the little ones will be good while he’s gone was just too cute!
  • Oh no, Edith don’t do it! Don’t tell her about Marigold!
  • Andy is so nice and cute. Definitely deserves better than Daisy with her bad attitude.
  • I’m happy that Bertie was willing to marry Edith despite his mother’s objections and even happier that she came around and gave the happy couple her blessing.
  • “Larry, as my son I love you, but I have tried and failed to like you” – Lord Merton. High five!
  • Aw sweet moment between Edith and Mary.
  • I would love a huge Christmas tree like that!
  • Yay, Rose is back! I love Rose and Lily James so I’m happy she made an appearance in the finale.
  • Spratt: Why would I resent you? Denker: Because I’m interesting, because I’m exotic, because I’m attractive. Spratt: Oh, dear me, this is worse than I thought. Do you always have trouble distinguishing fact from fiction? — I’m going to miss these humorous moments.
  • Called it. Tom and Henry opened a car shop.
  • Aw Mary & Henry are expanding their family. More happy news! And she doesn’t want to steal Edith’s thunder by revealing the baby news. My how things have changed!
  • The Dowager Countess cracking up over Spratt’s article and Denker thinking she’s gotten him fired is priceless.
  • I bet Daisy screws up her haircut.
  • Yup.
  • The editor and Tom – new couple alert?
  • Um why is everyone waiting at the church and Edith’s still at the house? I will say her gown is gorgeous though.
  • I find it really hilarious that as the camera pans at the beloved cast as they look on at the wedding ceremony, Cora’s large feather in her hat completely blocks out Allistair’s face haha.
  • Thomas is officially back and replacing Carson! My original prediction was correct.
  • Carson is his usual self acting disgusted by the fact that Anna is in labor in Mary’s room.
  • Of course, the editor caught the bouquet. She has to marry Tom!
  • The clock strikes 12 and it’s New Year’s. The end of an era but new beginnings for all the characters.

If you made it this far into the post, I hope you enjoyed reading my comments! I thoroughly enjoyed the finale. It was a bit different than the normal episode as it wasn’t filled with drama but instead wrapped up storylines, gave people happy endings, and gave characters things to look forward to (babies, new marriages, new businesses, etc.).

A post about Downton Abbey wouldn’t be complete without a shoutout to the amazing fashion on the show. It was wonderful as usual, but a fashion post dedicated to the series will be coming up later this week so keep an eye out for that!

I’m sad that the show is officially over and Julian Fellowes (writer, creator, producer of the show) has stated the show will definitely not be back for a season 7, but he has said a movie is a possibility!  That would be amazing and I think it’d be a huge hit.

What were your thoughts on the finale?

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