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Luxury Wishlist

Luxury Wishlist


Do you ever think about what you would buy if you could buy literally anything you wanted? Imagine you had no budget and prices made no difference, what would you get? I came up with eight items that I would love to get my hands on if money was no object. now these items aren’t things like cars or houses, I wasn’t being that unrealistic. Instead, for this list I chose fashion and style items.
1. I would love love love to get my hands on a vintage style Gucci bag. Unfortunately, this Vintage Original Boston Bag is over $1,000 so to say it’s out of my price range for a purse would be accurate.
2. I’m not alone in saying that a pair of Louboutins would be a welcome sight on the feet. Instead of choosing classic pumps, I’d love lace panel booties. I would actually love a pair of lace booties in general and if I could go with any brand I wanted why not choose the famous red bottom ones? These are $1,100 so I’ll be trying to find some bargain lace booties for now.
3. Sunglasses are always useful and stylish. If I had lots of money to spend on accessories, I’d buy a pair of Dolce & Gabbana cat sunglasses with the filigree at the temples. At $335 though they’d be my most expensive pair of sunnies.
4. I love the intricate embroidery and beadwork on Balmain minidresses. Oh if I could make this $1,500 dress a part of my wardrobe!
5. I cannot put into words how badly I want this Celine Nano Luggage purse. This bag is everything. An all-leather one retails for around $2,700 with other variations being a little less in price.
6. How can something that looks as simple as the Cartier Love Bracelet be $6,300? I don’t know, but if I really could buy anything I wanted I’d add it to the list. Recently Kylie Jenner shared on social media how she’s been locked inside her bracelets for 4 years because she couldn’t get it unscrewed. That sounds annoying, but the bracelet still made it on my list.
7. There are so many brands that have made knock offs of the rockstud pump, but I can spend anything I want remember? So of course I have to go with the original Valentino. The price ranges depending on which exact style you want. I’ve seen it range from $650 to $1,095 and there may be more expensive ones. That seems like a drop in the bucket compared to that Cartier bracelet though!
8. And for my final item and last shoe wish are Sophia Webster’s Evangeline Angel shoe. These shoes are gorgeous and fit right into my grecian goddess fashion love. Future wedding shoe goals, for sure. At $560 these shoes seem totally reasonable compared to the Louboutins and Valentinos.
What do you think of the items I picked out? Are any of these items on your luxury wish list too? I love all the items on the list obviously, but if I could choose just one to have it’d definitely be the Celine bag. I’m so crazy about it that I would actually consider saving my pennies to one day buy it. This was so fun to put together and let my imagination run wild. I’ll have to start compiling a new list to share!

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