Green Front Tie Dress
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Green Front Tie Dress

I finally watched To All The Boys I Loved Before last night and it was as good as everyone says! I really loved it and I even teared up. Have you seen it yet?

So if you watch my Instagram Stories then you’ve probably heard me mention a green dress a few times this past week. I took some photos with it on two weekends ago and I was going to wear it to work until I found out we could wear jeans for our 2 weeks of professional development. I’ve decided to wear it on the first day of school this Tuesday with a cardigan and flats or my beloved black mules.

Green Front Tie DressGreen Front Tie Dress 1Green Front Tie Dress 2Green Front Tie Dress 3Green Front Tie Dress 4Green Front Tie Dress 5Green Front Tie Dress 6Green Front Tie Dress 7Green Front Tie Dress 8Green Front Tie Dress 9Green Front Tie Dress 10Green Front Tie Dress 11

Dress: Target

I love the fit of this dress and the tie detail in the front. So cute! The dress has sort of a sweetheart neckline, but it doesn’t dip far enough for me to really say it’s a sweetheart neckline. I’d say it’s sweetheart neckline-ish. The straps are adjustable by moving the buttons up and down on the inside. And the pockets are a bonus!

Now you have a sneak peek of what I plan on wearing to work on Tuesday. Just replace the flip flops with flats or mules and add a cardigan and I’ll be good to go!

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