Neon Pineapple Tee
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Neon Pineapples

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I talk about floral prints quite a bit and this summer I’ve also covered palm and cactus prints a few times. Heads up, I’m not done with those either! But, today I’m sharing this pineapple print tee with you. And they’re not just any old pineapples but neon ones! Last summer or the summer before I shared a gold foil pineapple tee with you, which is a pretty design, but these neon ones are so fun!

Neon Pineapple Tee
Neon Pineapple Tee 1
Neon Pineapple Tee 2
Neon Pineapple Tee 3
Neon Pineapple Tee 4
Neon Pineapple Tee 5
Neon Pineapple Tee 6
Neon Pineapple Tee 7
Neon Pineapple Tee 8
Neon Pineapple Tee 9

Tee: Target | Shorts: Kohl’s | Flip Flops: Old Navy

Pineapple print has been pretty popular lately. Actually not even just as a print in clothing but in everything from home decor pieces to wallpaper – I’ve been seeing it everywhere. I saw a really cute pineapple print t-shirt on one of my favorite online boutiques but they were sold out. Disappointed, I kept my eye out for a tee that I would like just as much as the one that had eluded me. Then I came across this one at Target and I loved the neon print for a little extra fun! The dotted design is cute and it makes me think of a stamp design. Although my best friend’s toddler thought they were grapes, which I can see how she would think it looked like a bunch of grapes!

So I didn’t get that original pineapple tee I wanted but I got this one instead which ended up being more fun with the neon print and for an amazing deal of only $8!

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