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Bar Back V-Neck

I’m so excited it’s the weekend! I’ve been back to work for 2 days only and I’m already stressed. Seriously, I’ve already started breaking out and my shoulder’s are aching. Is it time for my monthly massage treatment yet? If you follow my Instagram stories then you might’ve seen that last week I went for a much needed massage after over a year. Long story short, stress is doing a number on my body so I’m making it a priority to do some monthly self-care in the form of massage.

But moving on to today’s post. So it’s no secret that I’m the kind of person who when I find a clothing item I like, there’s a chance I’ll get it in another color or multiple colors. So when I tried on this floral bar back v-neck tank top from American Eagle and loved it, I grabbed it in 2 more colors. So this post should really be called “Bar Back V-Neck x3”.

Bar Back V-Neck
Bar Back V-Neck 1
Bar Back V-Neck 2
Bar Back V-Neck 3
Bar Back V-Neck 4
Bar Back V-Neck 5
Bar Back V-Neck 6
Bar Back V-Neck 7
Bar Back V-Neck 8
Bar Back V-Neck 9
Bar Back V-Neck 10
Bar Back V-Neck 11

I like the bar-back design. It’s so fun and the thick bar strap makes it easy to still wear a normal bra underneath.

I love all 3 of these tops! I don’t know which color I like best. The mauve is so pretty, the olive green is perfect for summer or fall, and the black allows the florals to really pop. Good thing I got all 3 because I really can’t decide which one is my favorite. Which color do you like the most?

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