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5 Ways to Ensure a Tragedy-Free Summer this Year

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Hotter weather means you want to get out and enjoy the world with family and friends. But it can all go wrong. So here are some tips to ensure a tragedy-free Summer for a better time.

Stay Safe when Hiking or Camping

Millions of people all over the world enjoy camping with their families. Camping is relatively inexpensive and allows you to get out to some of the most stunning parts of your country. So most people venture out into the wilderness when camping and enjoy a good hike. But hiking is fraught with dangers. And tragedy can befall you if you aren’t careful. You could get heatstroke, fall, or get caught in a storm. So you need to stay safe. Professional hikers like Nathaniel Whittle offer expert advice on protecting yourself and others when hiking and camping.

Use Sunscreen and Hydrate

The Summer sun is known for becoming almost unbearable in some places. And you are probably well aware that sunburn can happen pretty quickly. However, even if it isn’t particularly sunny, the UV radiation from the sun can still be powerful, even through clouds. So always take sunscreen with you wherever you go. Additionally, it is helpful to bring extra water bottles to avoid becoming dehydrated. Juice is also OK. But avoid alcohol and high-caffeine drinks like tea, coffee, and energy drinks. These are diuretics and will actually dehydrate you.

Ensure a Tragedy-Free Summer with Water Safety

Getting soaking wet is a great way to hydrate, cool down, and have some fun when the weather gets hot. You might go to your local pool, take a dip in the ocean or go to a fun water park. Yet as fun as water is, it is also dangerous. In the United States alone, there are almost 400 deaths per year at pools and spas, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. These are accidental, and many could be avoided. Therefore, practicing water safety is somewhat helpful, such as keeping an eye on the kids, staying away from deep water, and using floating aids.

Stay Safe with Social Distancing and Masks

COVID-19 has claimed millions of lives all over the world. And while the worst is over, the virus hasn’t gone away. New cases of infection are being reported every day. And there’s no guarantee that a new variant won’t pop up again, like Omicron. And just recently, COVID has broken out in Beijing once more. So it is advisable to practice COVID safety while out and about this Summer. Social distancing and wearing a mask are all you really need to do because they are simple yet effective. However, washing your hands and using hand sanitizer will also help.

Book Everything in Advance

Not all Summer tragedy comes down to health and safety. Not being able to attend certain activities can ruin the fun, especially for the kids. Popular attractions like zoos, theme parks, and water parks become very busy when the children are off school, and the weather is great. However, because they are busy, getting tickets for some places can be tricky. Fortunately, you can avoid disappointment by booking these things early. Additionally, some attractions offer bonuses or discounts for early booking. So it’s best to take a look at official websites for deals.


You can ensure a tragedy-free Summer with some simple guidance. Learn about camping and hiking safety, and always take water and sunscreen with you. And also, book attractions early.

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