Six Flags Holiday in the Park 2021

Continuing on with holiday related things for a couple more days, I’m sharing a bunch of photos from my visit to the Six Flags Great Adventure Holiday in the Park. The Six Flags in New Jersey is called Great Adventure and it’s one of the largest Six Flags in the country which means lots of rides and holiday decorations during their annual Holiday in the Park. It’s been a while since I’ve been to the park (my last visit was 3 years ago – the year before the pandemic started) and the last time I was at Holiday in the Park was exactly 6 years ago (thanks Facebook for the reminder the day of!). This time was much milder weather so it was comfortable to walk around and go on rides all day. It wasn’t until later in the evening that my hands started to get really cold and my feet start to feel numb even with boots on!

The park was really pretty once the sun went down and I loved that the rides had super short lines so I could go on a few of them multiple times with hardly any wait. The only ride that took a long time was Superman because they were only running 4 rows out of 8 on the cars for some reason.

Masks for vaccinated guests aren’t required, but my cousin and I kept ours on since we were near people on lines and on the rides. Plus, I think it’s just a good idea when you and other people are screaming on rides! The park had hand sanitizer everywhere but I had my own in my coat pocket that I used after each ride.

I made a fun Reel to go up today of the day to night change in decorations. Be sure to check it out later!

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