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Hallmark Holiday Movie Picks 2021

I love Hallmark movies. I know, they’re all predictable and full of cliches, but I just think they’re mindless fun. Of course, I watch all the holiday movies every year. Every. Single. One. In case you haven’t seen them all, I’ve picked out my favorites from this year so you can catch them on rerun!

These movies aren’t ranked, I just wrote down the movies I really enjoyed in the order that I watched them which was chronological for the most part.

  1. You, Me, & the Christmas Trees – Jack runs his family Christmas Tree Farm and Olivia is a botanist specializing in evergreens. When the trees on Jack’s farm seem to be dying, he hires Olivia to find out what is wrong.
  2. Christmas In My Heart – Beth, a professional violinist, goes home for the holidays and to attend a memorial for her late mother, a beloved music teacher. She begins doing private lessons for a young girl whose father is a reclusive country music star.
  3. Coyote Creek Christmas – Paige goes home to her family’s inn for the holidays and decides this year’s Christmas theme at the inn will be “Christmas Around the World”. Joining in on the festivities are Dylan and his young son. But they aren’t normal guests. Dylan is there to check out the inn because Paige’s parents are planning to sell to Dylan and his brother for development.
  4. The Christmas Promise – Nicole is still grieving a year after her fiancé’s death. She decides to get the house that they were supposed to move in to together fixed up in order to sell it. The carpenter she uses is a friend of a friend’s and helps her move on.
  5. Next Stop, Christmas – Angie decides to go home for Christmas and boards a magical train that takes her not just back home but back 10 years. She thinks it is her chance to get engaged to a former boyfriend, but perhaps that’s not the reason she is back in time.
  6. My Christmas Family Tree – Vanessa spent most of her life in foster care after her mother died when she was young. Through a family tree website using her DNA, she finds her biological father. Catching a ride with a family friend of her father’s, she spends the holidays with her new family.
  7. Nantucket Noel – Christina owns a small business on a wharf in Nantucket. Andy is in town to visit his father, a developer looking to tear down the wharf and revitalize the area.
  8. Five More Minutes – Clara goes home for Christmas for the holiday and to help her mother with their family shop. Missing her grandfather who passed earlier in the year, she is happy to find an old journal of his from when he was a young man. She reconnects with her high school boyfriend and they go through her grandfather’s journal together about a lost love of his.
  9. An Unexpected Christmas – Jamie is on his way home for Christmas and coincidentally runs into his ex, Emily, at the train station who is in town for work. Before they can say anything Jamie’s family takes both of them back home because Jamie never told them they broke up.
  10. Making Spirits Bright – Grace and Tony were childhood friends when their father’s were business partners in a holiday decorating business before they had a falling out and went separate ways. Now grown up, their families are competing against each other once again for the town holiday decorating contest.
  11. The Nine Kittens of Christmas – This is a sequel to The Nine Lives of Christmas from a few years ago which I loved despite not being a cat fan. In this follow up movie, Marilee and Zachary are no longer together, but are thrown back in each other’s lives when they are tasked with finding homes for 9 kittens.
  12. Eight Gifts of Hanukkah – Sara celebrates Hanukkah with her family and each night she receives a gift on her doorstep from a secret admirer. But, who could it be?
  13. A Very Merry Bridesmaid – Leah is busy running a small business, preparing for Christmas, and helping out with her brother’s wedding on Christmas Eve, which also happens to be her 30th birthday. She is willing to forget about her birthday but her brother’s best friend, and her childhood crush, is back in town for the wedding and promises to make her birthday special.
  14. A Dickens of a Holiday! – Cassie is directing A Christmas Carol for her town’s 100th anniversary of her hometown’s Dicken’s Day. The star of the show loses his voice and the mayor asks hometown movie star and Cassie’s high school classmate, Jake, to come home and star in the show.
  15. The Christmas House 2: Deck Those Halls – This is a sequel to The Christmas House from a few years ago. This time Mike has been talked into a holiday house decorating tv contest and his opponent is his brother.
  16. Tis the Season to be Merry – Merry heads to her friend and editor’s hometown in Vermont for the holidays hoping to find a new angle to her book on relationships since her book is due to be published soon and she let herself get carried away with basing her guide book on a fake relationship! The town is beautiful and it doesn’t hurt that her friend’s brother is charming and cute too.

Of the 40 new movies that premiered this season, these were my favorites! Did you see any of these? Or did you love one that didn’t make it to my list? Let me know!

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