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December 2021 Favorites

It’s the end of 2021, can you believe it?! I’m sharing my favorites for December today instead of tomorrow because I plan to do a look back at 2021 post tomorrow.

I know I often say that I only have a few favorites to share, but I seriously only have 3 favorites this month! I was pretty sure I’d have a pair of pajamas to share because they looked so cute (Christmas gnomes print), but my Target order never showed and they refunded me my money. So only 3 favorites.

First, my Lindt Advent Calendar. My mom has been getting me an advent calendar from Lindt for the past few years and I love opening each day to see what chocolate is inside.

Next, homemade Christmas cookies. I’ve mentioned it on here in years past, but my mom and I make a lot of Christmas cookies every year. All different kinds, multiple batches, for friends, family, and ourselves. They’ll always be one of my favorite things in December.

Lastly, earlier in the month I went for a girls’ night with my best friend and her daughter. We went to Palmer Square in Princeton to see the tree and grab dinner and dessert. I love how festive Princeton looks during the holidays with all of the lights and all the shops are decorated. It’s so pretty.

And that’s it! Most of the month consisted of trying to get through work and make it to winter break as well as not get sick. Then, it was full on Christmas mode. So not a lot of favorites to report, but that’s ok!

I hope your 2021 is ending well!

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