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January 2020 Favorites

Normally, I start off my monthly favorites posts talking about how I can’t believe it’s the end of a month. However, this month has felt pretty long. Not that I’m rushing time, but seriously it feels like Christmas was a long, long time ago. Anyone else feel the same?

I have a few favorites from this month so let’s get to it!

First, I watched the documentary movie on Linda Ronstadt called “Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice” and really liked it. I listened to a lot of Linda Ronstadt growing up because my parents would play her music in the car all the time. The movie talked about her whole life and had interviews with her friends (mostly other musicians like Emmy Lou Harris, Dolly Parton, Don Henley, etc.) and was partly narrated by her. It showed her career, hit songs, and more. Her career was amazing and she could sing and do anything. She wanted to sing rock ‘n roll? Done. She wanted to sing ballads? Done. She wanted to see on Broadway? Sure. She wanted to sing traditional Mexican music to honor her father? Check. Though she had a legendary career, what is really sad is that she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and can no longer sing. Her voice is synonymous with her and have that taken away from you – I can’t even imagine what that feels like.

Linda Ronstadt - The Sound of My Voice

Another entertainment favorite that I had this month was Tom Hank’s speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award. I thought he gave such a great and inspiring speech and reminded everyone why he is so beloved. The montage of his career before his speech was great. Those kinds of video montages always give me all the feels.

Golden Globe Awards - Season 77

One last entertainment favorite for this month – the Hawaii Five-O and Magnum P.I. crossover episodes. I love both shows and it was only a matter of time before they would intersect. I mean, they’re both on the same channel, one after another, have the same creator, and both take place in Hawaii. Why would they not do a crossover?! The episodes were good and action packed as usual!

Hawaii Five - 0 Magnum PI Crossover

You may remember that last week I was invited to a class at AKT at their new NJ location. I went to the BANDS class and could hardly move my arms without being in serious pain. I relied for days on Advil and pain relief patches. Since I went through about 20 patches over the week, I thought I should add them to my favorites. I normally use Salonpas, but my mom had a pack open that is some Chinese brand so I took those. They’re basically the exact same thing. Funny story, when I was in Japan 2 summers ago my brother was looking for these pain relief patches for his leg or something that was bothering him. Since we didn’t know if the concierge would know what Salonpas were, or if they even had that brand available, my brother asked him if he knew where he could find pain relief patches, like menthol patches. And the concierge was like “Ah yes, here we call them Salonpas” So funny! Anyway, I don’t have a photo of them, but they have been my trusty aids for the past week.

Next, between December and January I was wearing gel strips on my nails from Dashing Diva. I loved this design called “All Lined Up” and they lasted for close to 3 weeks if I remember correctly! I need to buy some more!

All Lined Up - Gel Strips 1All Lined Up - Gel Strips 6

Lastly, I’ve spoken about these a bunch on my Instagram stories, but I absolutely love my agate coasters from Anthropologie. I have been wanting them for months and during the holidays I snagged them when they were on sale. I got 4 in the blue and I could not be happier with them. They are gorgeous and I love how each coaster is unique with its shape, coloring, etc. They’re also beautiful on my white marble coffee table!

Blue Agate CoastersBlue Agate Coasters 1Blue Agate Coasters 2Processed with VSCO with av4 presetBlue Agate Coasters 3

That wraps up my January favorites! Have a great last day of January!

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  • TheMakeupCase17

    I loved that H50/Magnum crossover too! As soon as I saw Kamekona early bon season 1 of Magnum, I said “They BETTER do a crossover!” And it didn’t disappoint. I remember the original Magnum in the 80s did a crossovers with Simon & Simon and Murder She Wrote.

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