3 Beauty Trends That Will Be Big In 2020


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The beauty industry shows no signs of slowing down.  Advancements in skincare and cosmetic treatments seem to happen almost daily. We’re often set in our own routines and find it difficult to keep on top of new developments.  

Here are three which are going to be big in 2020. 

Sustainable products

Unless you’ve been living on a different planet, you can’t have helped but notice the dramatic shift in society towards ecological, cruelty free, sustainable products in all areas of life. 

This consumer shift is being taken seriously and not dismissed as a ‘fad’ of ‘hipster’ trend.  This is great news for our planet and our skin.  

Most industries are moving towards sustainability, not just the beauty industry.  Beauty addicts are crying us for naturally sourced products and sustainable, recycled packaging.   

Brands are listening and are taking steps to produce eco-friendly products.  In search or cruelty-free, natural products, people are even learning to create their own beauty products with the help of organizations such as the School of Natural Skincare in an effort to guarantee the quality and eco-friendliness of their products.  

Brow Lamination

The world’s obsession with eyebrows shows no signs of slowing down.  From the pencil-thin, drawn on brows of the 90s to the thick, the arched brows of the 00s to the bushy brows of the 10s. `This obsession isn’t going to go away any time soon.  

Your brows frame your face, so it’s important that you have them shaped in a way that flatters your face.  Not all of us have those luxurious, thick brows though. Until recently, we’ve had to rely on pencils, powders, and waxes, which could look really fake unless you were very careful. 

The quest for thicker, shapely brows has led to the development of microblading, a kind of semi-permanent tattoo that uses a needle to scratch pigment into your skin.   It is extremely effective for producing natural-looking, fuller brows. The downsides being that it is expensive and can be painful.  

Brow lamination is great for those who want the appearance of fuller brows, without the pain and recovery time of microblading, or the daily ritual of using brow makeup  Lamination works by combing your hairs into a more defined shape and using a solution to set them. It can be used in conjunction with tinting and lasts up to eight weeks.  


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Protecting Your Microbiome

Your microbiome is on course to be the most important thing you never knew you had.  But what is a microbiome? In simple terms, your microbiome is your skin’s natural barrier that is made up of a whole ecosystem of bacteria.  If this delicate ecosystem is disturbed, it can cause a whole host of skin problems from dermatitis to eczema. 

Products are beginning to hit the market promising to help you protect and balance your microbiome.  They range from pre and pro-biotic drinks, shower gel, cleansers, face, and body moisturizers. 

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