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I spent Friday evening celebrating the new AKT location with a private BANDS class and it was a really cool experience. So first, what is AKT? I first heard about AKT probably a year or so ago through Lindsi Lane on Instagram. She would have stories on there every week of her workouts so I knew of AKT and celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser, the creator/founder. I had no idea that she had expanded her locations and was now in NJ until I received an invitation to this private class and I was so excited!

AKT is a revolutionary fitness technique rooted in dance and functional training. Developed by international fitness expert, Anna Kaiser, it combines circuit training, HIIT, strength, toning, dance cardio, Pilates, and yoga to deliver a high-energy, fun workout. The ever-changing curriculum keeps your muscles guessing, ensuring members never plateau and provides a full-body workout experience.”

Here’s the description of the BANDS class that I went to: “In this class you’ll get your heart rate up, with extra support and buoyancy, as you perform some of your favorite sports based exercises with the stability of a box. Alternating between functional cardio and longer strength intervals, this workout will challenge your body on all planes of motion, as you focus on balance, agility, and the full body conditioning.”

The studio is so cool with different color lights going for the different parts of class and even a disco ball! The BANDS class has boxes (with resistance bands and weights stored underneath) and resistance bands hung from a bar on the ceiling for you to pull down and use throughout the workout.

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It was an amazing workout, but I have to be honest and tell you that it totally kicked my butt! It’s been like 2 years since I’ve taken a workout class. I stopped going to kickboxing probably about 2 years ago and then I started doing BBG at home for a year, which is a good workout too but not a class. Then, last year I was mostly just doing yoga at home and dance cardio videos on YouTube. So this class was tough! Actually, I wasn’t really tired cardio wise, but what was killing me was my arms since I don’t do a lot of arm exercises. The bands at first seemed so easy to pull and then as my arms got tired they were soooo hard to pull and keep down! My arms felt like jelly about halfway through. There were moves to the routine where we had to pull the bands down on to the box and balance on the box with our hands down and kick our feet in and out like pushup jacks. My arms were so strained and wobbly that I could hardly support myself with my arms and even almost fell over once!

My arms were pretty sore yesterday and I could not even bend my left arm enough to shampoo my hair or put moisturizer on my face. It was pretty funny to watch myself try to scratch my head while talking in my mirror during my OOTD Instagram story! I actually started laughing out loud during the video. It was half funny, half painful.

Despite my sore arms, the class was fun and I love the whole concept! I’d love to go back one day to try out the dance cardio class as I think that would be totally my thing!

Thank you AKT for the invite!

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